Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #28

Welcome and a quick acknowledgment of your acceptance to ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium

New writer applications to Illumination via our registration portal. Please review our checklist and the onboarding pack before submitting your stories to our publications.

Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels

Dear New Writers,

The purpose of this message is to inform you about the acceptance of your application to contribute to our publications and provide you with some guidance to get started. It is a pleasure to have you onboard. We look forward to reviewing, publishing, reading, and promoting your stories.

Thank you for being part of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium.com, which supports 25,000+ writers. Our diverse, inclusive, supportive, and collaborative community gives voice to every ethical writer who wants to delight their readers. We share our progress monthly through newsletters on Medium and Substack.

We also introduce you to our readers and other writers via our new curated collections from ILLUMINATION editors' account because it is an excellent opportunity to meet some of our writers, and you may collaborate with the ones who resonate with you. Here is the latest collection that you may start engaging with our regular writers.

Other editors like Mike Broadly, DHSc, Aiden (Illumination Gaming), and Elin Melaas prepare curated collections for our readers. We link their latest one so you may get an idea.

This one is Aiden’s latest collection.

This one is Mike’s latest collection.

And here is Elin’s first collection.

Our chief editor Dr Mehmet Yildiz, upgraded our publication accounts ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curators, as well as his tech account Dr Mehmet Yildiz (Tech), making them Friends of Medium. Reading from these accounts will allow writers to earn four times more. While curating stories, we read many stories from these accounts, so it will be great for writers. Most of our publications, including Illumination, support non-members but we encourage all writers who can afford the cost to be a member and even consider Medium Friendship subscriptions. Writers need to read to to perform better. You may check out the details in his story by Dr Mehmet Yildiz (Tech)

Please review the onboarding pack before submitting your stories.

After joining us, the first step is to review the essential points in the onboarding pack, which contains all the necessary information. If you are an experienced writer, possibly you know most of the points, so you can safely skip them. But if you have just joined Medium, you need to understand how the platform works. We embed it here so you don’t miss this important beginner guide.

Medium recently made changes that impacted the Partner Program, writers, readers, editors, publishers, and publications. The critical point is having more focus on quality than quantity. This means that we only accept one high-quality story a day from contributors. You may check our monthly updates for the recent changes on Medium. We also started a new curation service for well-written stories, as explained in the first volume.

Why Some Stories Might Be Returned for Various Reasons

The leading causes might be that your story doesn’t match the new submission rules, has too many language errors, forgets to caption your images, or uses a copyrighted image. For instance, we don’t publish stories about Medium anymore. We don’t accept any AI-written content except for the Lampshade of ILLUMINATION.

Our editors leave a private message explaining why they’re sending it back. You can read it by clicking on the * (star) sign, usually on the top right side of your story.

Nevertheless, please don’t get upset when your story is returned. It doesn’t mean your story is rejected or not worthy of publishing on Medium. We value and don’t turn away stories from ethical writers. We respect everyone as long as they adhere to platform rules. Editors might ask you to make some changes and submit it again or suggest sending it to our other publications that might be a better fit and find more relevant readers.

Each publication has a different audience, especially specialized ones like Synergy, Gaming, Nutrition, Videos/Podcasts, Technology Hits, and Book Chapters.

Each publication also has its rules. So, please find links to all submission publication guidelines in this story. You may bookmark it in case you want to join more of our pubs in the future.

As the quality of content is our priority now, we updated our submission guidelines as listed below. The changes are reflected in our new submission guidelines linked below. Please review the submission guidelines for the publications you contribute to.

ILLUMINATION-Curated: New Submission Guidelines 2023

Submission Guidelines: Illumination Integrated Publications

SYNERGY: Submission Guidelines 2023

Technology Hits: Submission Guidelines 2023

ILLUMINATION Book Chapters: Submission Guidelines 2023

Readers Hope: New Submission Guidelines 2023

ILLUMINATION Gaming: Submission Guidelines 2023

ILLUMINATION Videos and Podcasts: Submission Guidelines 2023

Publishing and Conduct Guidelines for the Lampshade of ILLUMINATION

Helpful Guidance for Beginners in 4 Steps

The following are the most frequently asked by beginners. If you are on Medium for a long time, you may skip some points in the following sections.

1 — How to submit your stories to publications

Now that you have joined Medium and written your first story, Please follow these simple instructions. Once you do it a few times, it will be second nature. Not knowing this feature caused many new writers to wait for days.

When you draft your story, please click on the … (3 dots) on the top right side of your screen. Click on the add to publication, choose Illumination or other relevant pubs, and submit your story. When the story arrives in the publication queue, editors will review and publish it if your story qualifies. If not, they will leave a private message and return your story to fix, resubmit, or transfer to one of our other publications if it does not suit ILLUMINATION.

We no longer publish certain types of stories on ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curated, so please review the new submission guidelines.

2 — Use Copyright-Free Images and Caption Them

A crucial issue is some new writers forget to add captions to photos and use copyrighted images. Violating copyright rules can lead to substantial penalties imposed by legal institutions.

Several writers got hefty fines; our editors don’t want this to happen to you. Therefore, our editors are diligently working to safeguard our writers. We kindly ask that you honor their requests, as they have your best interests at heart. You cannot use every image on stories behind the paywall.

If you are a new writer on Medium, please review the Photo Handling Policy before starting, as it is the most time-consuming issue for our editors and causes delays in publishing. Writers failing to meet our photo handling policy will be removed from publications.

3 — What is Slack, and why should our writer join this group?

Slack is a collaboration and communication tool. Unlike social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, Slack is a private tool. Therefore, it is not just another social media platform. We use Slack because Medium lacks a chat tool, making it challenging to communicate with writers, editors, and publication owners to address issues.

For instance, when your stories encounter problems, or you have questions for our team, you can easily access our editors and moderators, who can help resolve your concerns. Our Slack is free and moderated, with over 18,000 members.

Additionally, you can share your story links and garner more views. Joining our group can provide numerous benefits. It is a valuable tool to build your audience easily. Furthermore, it is configurable; for example, you can turn notifications off if you prefer not to receive notifications. You can learn more about Slack from this story.

4 — We don’t accept AI-generated content per Medium’s new strategy except for one dedicated publication [The Lampshade of ILLUMINATION]

Our publications do not accept content written by artificial intelligence tools, but we have a viable solution to make writers and readers happy.

Those writers who use generative AI tools like Jasper or ChatGPT can send their stories to our new publication, the Lampshade of ILLUMINATION. Details are attached.

ILLUMINATION-Curated and ILLUMINATION-Gaming as Boost Nominating Publications

Medium recognized our special publication, ILLUMINATION-Curated, serving experienced and advanced writers as a formal boost-nominating publication. This gives us an opportunity to nominate stories meeting boost guidelines.

Joining ILLUMINATION-Curated requires proof of your experience in submitting high-quality stories. If you believe your stories meet our requirements in the submission guidelines, please contact our chief editor Dr Mehmet Yildiz, who can review your stories and invite you to this publication with the blessings of other editors.

We recently interviewed Dr Yildiz to understand the boost program process and the chance of increasing boost nomination. This interview can be helpful for you to understand the process. Here is the link to the interview How ILLUMINATION Publications Support the BOOST Program.

As of 1st December, ILLUMINATION Gaming is also accepted as a boost nominating publication. Its owner Aiden (Illumination Gaming) will inform readers shortly. You can contact Aiden on Slack or Discord.

Sample Boosted Stories to Understand the Criteria

You may find more boosted stories from this collection recently posted by ILLUMINATION-Curators

More information about our boosting services in the attached story.

You can use a comprehensive checklist about boosting increasing the chance of boosting in the attached story.

To give you an idea, Dr Yildiz introduced some sample boosted stories. You may check them to understand their value and learn from the approaches of these experienced writers.

Better and Better and Better Humans Moshe Sipper, Ph.D.

Should Doctors Be Less or More Empathetic? Dr. Julian Barkan

How Cholesterol Levels Impact Your Heart Health Dr. K P Vasudeva Rao

How discovering microbes transformed our understanding of life and health Matt Williams-Spooner, Ph.D.

Four Ways to Balance Your Content Creation Obsession by Clayton Moulynox

Neuroscience Behind Why I Read 1000 Books With My Son Before He Turned 5 Prashansa Gadgil

Can I Connect with My Transgender Daughter as I Connected with My Son? Tony Leo

How Ōura Got the Fitness Geeks and Insomniacs Around Its Little Finger Jussi Luukkonen — your curiosity guide

How Survivorship Bias Colors Our World: Impact and How to Overcome It Sridhar Pai Tonse — Leadgen Coach- Tech Startups

The Unsung Heroes of Hollywood Seda Anbarcı

Hidden Costs of Self-Publishing Alison McBain

More Meaningful Than Any Degree Gail McNulty

Lessons from the Grave Sara Fellers on ChannSpirations and Coincidences

Grandma and God Brought Me Home AJ on ChannSpirations and Coincidences

Facing the Judge and Jury of Your Inner Critic jules — Miz Mindful

The Island Odyssey: A Weeklong Adventure in Rhodes Jozsef Kovacs

Insanity Along the Seine River — Part 1 Shardul Deshpande

Remembering to Live Pernoste & Dahl

If You Eat a Healthy Diet, Save Your Money Because You Don’t Need Probiotics and Prebiotics David Mokotoff, MD

Mr. Speaker, There’s No Such Thing as a “Bible-Believing” Christian Guy Nave

5 Surprising Links Between Fitness and Photography Zacc Rowlands

Recent Issues on Medium

It came to our attention that some serious issues happened on Medium, affecting the earnings of writers in the last week of September. Our editor Mike Broadly provided a comprehensive update.

If you are a new writer on Medium, please check out the following four points every new member keeps asking us.

Medium is a unique platform and not very intuitive for beginners. It has its idiosyncrasies, like self-publishing versus adding drafts to publications. They produce different results for the visibility of your stories.

Now, Time to Meet New Writers Joining Today

Let’s welcome writers who joined our publications today. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the stories of these writers and follow them if their content resonates with you.

Zion, Oliver Vanice, Nancy Yang, Tracey Edwards, gilly, Secure Nutsell, Julia Kalman, Jeffrey Chiu, Joy Taiwo, Asia Williams, Sam Pitzer, Daev Emruby, Jason Abranches, JaffaBranding, T.R. Garcia, Prajula Ravichandran, Blues & Blues Rock, Dennis, Ray Payette, Mangesh Kashid, The Sour Scribe, Miraç Yazıcı, s4ndor, Rafaela Sadeth, Light and Paper, Alex Szabo, Erick Fernandez, Zelma Garza, Real Talk Tina💓✈️🏠, MURRRAAAAY, J.R Esnard, Clarissa Ai Ling Lee, PhD, Kourtney Torres, James Christopher, Seema Ahmed, Nancy, Zaid Omar, Antonio AdS Francisco,

Reshma, Melody Mann, Lilac Sanders, Felix Keuya, SABAHAT, Sahilsharmadandotiya, LubnaS, Arslan Shahid, Arshiya Martur, Luiza Andreescu, PRAVEEN RAJAN, Mishaalc, Huslerlegend, Arushi Kandya, Jubairul Hasan Zim, Md Jahid Shah, Peterlas, Sebina Ahmetovic,

Please remember to submit only one story daily, preferably as a draft. We don’t accept multiple stories as our focus is on quality to increase your chance of being boosted by Medium.

About Perceptions and Expectations of Publications

Unlike some perceptions, ILLUMINATION editors don’t publish every story. Your stories must be well-crafted and valuable for our readers. Our focus is “curate-able” and “boost-able” stories, even though every story cannot be boosted by Medium, even if they are written well. Our goal is to delight readers who support the growth of writers. We do our best to create visibility for well-written stories on important topics. We always appreciate personal voice and experience.

Guidance to Increase Earnings from Content Creation

Apart from the boosting opportunity on Medium, which can increase your income, our chief editor, Dr Mehmet Yildiz, recently answered this frequently asked question by many writers on how to increase income from writing engagement.

Many writers desire to make a living from their craft. Using Medium as a single source is not a viable option. There are other opportunities that you need to consider. We believe this story will give you valuable perspectives.

You may also check this new case study posted by Dr Yildiz today, which gives aspiring writers unique perspectives.

And reality check for bloggers…

Collaboration and Promotion

You will receive an invitation to our Slack workspace to collaborate with other writers, share your story links, and contact editors and our chief editor Dr Mehmet Yildiz. It is a free and moderated service.

You may meet some of our editors from the attached collection.

Introduce Yourself in a Story

Please consider introducing yourself in a story and post it to ILLUMINATION or our other publications. This might bring you new followers and expose your profile to new readers.

Our editor Aiden (Illumination Gaming) compiles and distributes these bios to our subscribers. You may get bio ideas from the attached collection.

Sample Self-Curated Story Collection

You may self-curate your stories to gain visibility. Aiden provided a sample example, as attached. You may follow a similar format by categorizing your stories based on topics.

You may also enjoy a recent story from one of our new writers and editors, Mike Broadly — Healthier Lifestyle, who made significant progress in the last two months. You may contact Mike on our Slack workspace, who volunteers to support our new writers.

Writer and Editor Introductions

We recently introduced more writers and editors.

Meet Seda Anbarcı, Meet Dr Emmanuel Ogamdi, Meet Jozsef Kovacs, Meet Davor Katusic. Meet Thomas Allen Moon, Meet Sneha Nagre, Meet Zondra Dos Anjos, Meet Ani Vals Meet Ammara Hassan. Meet Sridhar Pai Tonse — Leadgen Coach- Tech Startups Chosen Stories from Omni Essence,

Here are some editor profiles.

Editorial Profile of InYah

Editorial Bio of Ali Alzahrani, Editor

Editorial Bio of Karlene Joseph K. Joseph

Editorial Bio of Elin Melaas

Editorial Bio of Philip Writes

Editorial Profile of Kurt Dillon

Editorial Profile of Aiden (Illumination Gaming)

Editorial Profile of Joanie Adams

Editorial Profile of Nurma Komala-Hadi

Editorial Profile of The Sturg

Editorial Profile of Surekha Chandrasekhar

Editorial Profile of Fahaz Hameed

Editorial Profile of Mr. Jacob Morales

Editorial Profile of Abraham Bamidele

Chosen Stories from Collection of Brooklyn Muse (editor)

Chosen Stories from Joe Collection of Joe Luca

Chosen Stories from Collection of Lawson Wallace

You can learn about our other editors’ backgrounds from this collection curated by ILLUMINATION-Curators.

Recent Announcements for Connection

You may check the following two announcements to meet other recently joined writers, including links to their profiles. This is a good opportunity for new writers to build their audience, as writers are great readers. We enjoy enabling collaboration on Medium by encouraging meaningful engagements.

New Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #1

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #2

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #3

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #4

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #5

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #6

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #7

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #8

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #9

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #10

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #11

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #12

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #13

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #14

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #15

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #16

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #17

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #18

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #19

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #20

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #21

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #22

Announcement of New Writers for ILLUMINATION #23

As this list is growing we will add them to a post so that you can easily find them to engage with new writers.

Welcome to our writing and reading community, and we look forward to the meaningful and high-quality stories.

When you have questions, please contact our owner and chief editor, Dr Mehmet Yildiz, on our Slack workspace. He is also happy to speed up publishing your stories if they are delayed 48 hours or more.

Critical Policy Documents for Our Writers

Every writer contributing to our publications must review these guiding policies before submitting their stories. We are tolerant, but these are non-negotiable rules.

Zero tolerance to plagiarism on ILLUMINATION

No Defamation, Discrimination, and Hate Speech Published

Why Image Copyrights Matter for Writers and Editors

Use of Affiliate Links On Medium

Writing Challenges and Prompts for New Writers

Invitation to a Writing Challenge

100 Day Challenge For New Writers

1,000 Short Posts in 100 Days

Helpful Resources for Beginners

Conduct Guidelines for ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications

Starter Kit for Writers of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications

How To Triple Your Writing Income Methodically

How to Write Content Guaranteed to Get Views and Reads

Five Tips to Become a Prolific Writer Despite Full-Time Work

8 Proven Tips to Build a Rock-Solid Reading Audience

6 Easy & Proven Tips to Increase Followers

Improving the Quality of Writing Using an Editorial Checklist

How To Create A 30,000 Words E-book In A Month

A Compelling Passive Income Stream For Freelance Writers

You may find more helpful stories from the content management collection of Dr Mehmet Yildiz typically written to help new writers joining Medium.

Sample Curated Collections for New Readers

We curate and feature stories from multiple editorial accounts.

Here are our latest curated collections by ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION Amplifiers, and ILLUMINATION-Curators for your enjoyment.

ILLUMINATION Reading Club #7

Curated Collection #159

Hand-Picked Articles — 2023 #47

Invitation to New Writers

To join our vibrant publications, please send a request via this link.

We will help you gain visibility and succeed as a writer on Medium. Please mention the publication name with your Medium account ID in the request.

ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications include:

ILLUMINATION ILLUMINATION-Curated ILLUMINATION’ S MIRROR ILLUMINATION Book Chapters The Lampshade of ILLUMINATION Technology Hits SYNERGY Readers Hope Illumination on YouTube Illumination Gaming ILLUMINATION’s Blog EUPHORIA by Dr Mehmet Yildiz

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