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The Beach Serenade

Once a singer, always a singer

Today’s random word is WET

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Lena stood on the beach, her hair wet and salty from the breeze.

“You know, back in my day, I used to sing for crowds bigger than this sea,” she joked to the seagulls.

A passing jogger chuckled, “Well, why don’t you give us a tune then?”

Lena grinned, clearing her throat dramatically. She belted out a classic hit, her voice surprisingly strong despite the years.

As she finished, applause erupted from the surrounding beachgoers.

Then, a rogue wave crashed ashore, drenching Lena from head to toe.

“Looks like the sea wants an encore!” she laughed, embracing the unexpected shower.

Nancy Oglesby writes, “If you are unfamiliar with a drabble, it is a fiction story of exactly 100 words.”

To make the challenge more interesting, each day, she gives a random word prompt.

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This drabble drew its inspiration from the melodious strains of “More, slušam samo more,” a song brought to life by the renowned Croatian singer, Tereza. Dive into the depths of its enchanting melody here, if you wish.

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