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Singing Hearts

Spring Brings Hope and Sunshine

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Spring brings bounty and beauty into our lives. Plants are growing. Flowers are blooming, and birds are singing. The sunshine fills our hearts with beautiful musical notes.

Singing Hearts

The silence screams: Hear my song.

Come with me.

Spring is here, Only so long.

Come with me.

Jump and run, Free and fun.

Come with me.

Joyful moments, Here I come.

Come with me.

Up and Down, Here we go.

Come with me.

Musical notes, Flying above.

Come with me.

Sing my song, Calls my tree.

Come with me.

Joy and fun, Partner with me.

Come with me.

Forever to be. Spring and sun. Sing with me.

GK 3/11/24

DEP March Poetry Prompt:

When you think of spring and musical notes coming from your heart what poetic words strike you in your well-crafted part?

Write a poem about what inspires you during the spring. What music notes do you hear?

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May your day be Joyful. GK

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