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The web content provides a method for correcting typos in text generated by Midjourney V6 using inpainting techniques.


The article titled "Midjourney V6: A Simple Method for Correcting Typos with Inpainting" offers guidance for new Midjourney users on how to correct typos in generated text images. It emphasizes the early stages of text generation in Midjourney V6 and the limitations users may encounter, such as the inability to specify fonts or generate long text. The tutorial introduces a straightforward approach to fix typos by using the Vary (Region) feature to select and correct only the problematic characters, thus preserving the original font size and style. It also touches on the use of promptlets with weights to refine the inpainting process and provides examples of correcting a logo typo from "Yummy Cat" to "Yummy Cat" and changing the brand perception from "Yummy" to "Yucky." The article concludes with the effectiveness of this method for text correction and encourages readers to engage with the content by following the author on Medium, sharing the story, and subscribing for updates.


  • The author believes that the inpainting method described is effective for correcting typos and changing text in Midjourney V6.
  • The author suggests that using the /remix mode and promptlets with weights can improve the reliability of the inpainting corrections.
  • It is implied that while the method is not foolproof, it serves as a first-line approach before attempting more complex techniques.
  • The author encourages user interaction with the platform by asking for claps, comments, and shares, indicating a belief in the value of community engagement for content discovery.
  • The author expresses a personal commitment to creating quality content, as evidenced by the request for follows and the mention of future content creation being inspired by reader support.

Midjourney V6: A Simple Method for Correcting Typos with Inpainting

More fun in creating and fixing text

This is one of the stories in the “Midjourney Mini Tutorials” series. The mini-tutorials are designed to help new Midjourney users perform specific tasks by providing simple, easy-to-follow instructions.

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Make the text purrfect with a simple technique. /imagine prompt: a documentary photo of a cat robot correcting a typo, cinestill, vivid, futuristic — ar 16:9 — v 6.0

When you’re having fun creating beautiful images with text with Midjourney V6, you’ll notice the bot will surprise you with some typos.

We must be patient with the bot as text generation is still in its early stages. For example, we can’t specify a font and generate extremely long text in the image.

However, correcting some typos is straightforward. We can use inpainting or Vary (Region) to correct or change the spelling.

Let’s look at two examples below.

If you’re new to inpainting, check out these stories.

  • A comprehensive introduction to inpainting Vary (Region) can be found here.
  • Tips for using inpainting to Edit and Repair images

Problem statement

Assume you designed a logo for a cat food brand named “Yummy Cat” that looks like this:

There is a typo, and you want to fix it.

Prompt: /imagine prompt: a minimalistic logo of a cat food brand with text “Yummy Cat” — ar 16:9 — v 6.0

The logo has a typo.

If you select the entire word “Yummy” and use Vary (Region) to correct it, the result could look like this.

Selecting and inpainting the word may yield unexpected results.

Result of the inpainting:

The text is correct, but font size and style differ from the original.

The text is now correct, but the font and style have changed slightly from the original image.

What should you do if you only want to change the two letters “nn” to “mm” and keep the rest of the characters?


  1. Use Vary (Region) to select only the problematic/typo characters. Make sure /remix mode is enabled (or else you cannot edit the prompt).
  2. Type your characters in double quotes (for text generation) and set a weight for the promptlet. The weight is arbitrary. You can put ten or twenty.
  3. Select Submit.

An example of the prompt:

“mm”::10 a minimalistic logo of a cat food brand with text “Yummy Cat” — v 6.0 — ar 16:9

Edit only the problematic characters to preserve the overall style of the text/image.

The result — yummy!

Result of the simple text editing method with inpainting.


This is an adaptation of the previously published method for fine-tuning the inpainting. I tested it several times and found that it works in many cases.

However, it does not solve all text correction issues. Use it as a first-line method before attempting more complex or arcane techniques.

This is currently my go-to method to fix text in V6.

You do not always need to use the promptlet or multi-prompting technique with weight. Simply select the problematic characters and click Submit. However, this is less reliable and may produce unexpected results, in my opinion.

Bonus content — Changing spelling

Assume the cat’s food is terrible, and the cat hates it.

Using the same method, we can change “Yummy” to “Yucky”.

However, unlike the previous example, remember to replace the word “Yummy Cat” with “Yucky Cat” in the prompt.

When we only change two characters from “nn” to “ck”, there are too many spaces between them (“kerning issue” in typography jargon), and the result is not what we expected.

“ck”::10 a minimalistic logo of a cat food brand with text “Yucky Cat” — v 6.0 — ar 16:9

There is a space between the characters.

In this case, try changing three characters instead, like “uck”.

And the bot is smart enough to try and stretch it for us.

“uck”::10 a minimalistic logo of a cat food brand with text “Yucky Cat” — v 6.0 — ar 16:9

The bot is trying its best to help us fix the text.

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  • Typos in Midjourney generated text can be easily fixed using inpainting or the Vary (Region) feature. Just select the problematic characters and replace them with the correct text.
  • When fixing typos, only select the incorrect characters rather than the whole word. This preserves the font, style, and spacing of the original text.
  • The same method can be used to intentionally change the spelling of words in the generated text, not just fix typos. But remember also to update the text in the prompt.

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