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Make Mine Middle-Pause!

And see our pet version: Middle-Paws!

Stars of the blockbuster hit — Dogs are from Mars; Cats are from Venus, show off their paws. Photo by Andrew S on Unsplash

Not yet, but maybe.

One of these days, maybe we’ll have a puplication for pets going through the change of life. Even though you’d probably have to be an insect to have a set of middle-paws.

Two fore. Two hind. And two in the middle.

In the meantime, let’s focus on ourselves and our sisters.

Not only do we have some powerful stories, but we are also powerful women.

We may not fully realize just how powerful we are until something happens where we get to see our strength in action. But, as we get ready to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, I’m reminded of their saying, Women hold up half the sky.

Which is true.

Except for those times, we hold up more than half.

Which I imagine is more often than we realize.

So let’s use that to remember how strong we are and stay united as we support each other. One way we can do that is to read, clap for, and comment on each other’s stories.

There are some amazing conversations taking place in the comments on some of those listed below.

If not, you can kick it off by sharing with the author what you got from reading their story. Or what you share in common.

Commenting is part of what Medium calls engagement.

Not only does it build community, it’s one of the ways writers get paid. That’s why I try to comment on every post I can. As well as underline passages that touch my heart, or blow my mind. That’s another form of engagement, by the way.

So is accepting a marriage proposal. But Medium hasn’t figured out how to pay us for that yet, so I haven’t proposed to any writers. But once Medium figures that out, who knows?

In the meantime, enjoy these stories!

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What Emotion Is the Hardest for You to Express and Why (If You Know)?Marilyn Flower

The Unusual Way My Parents Disciplined Children Barbara Carter

The People in Your Life Are Better than FictionDeb Palmer

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They are funny and empowering, and some stories make you want to cry. They are what MP is all about!

See ya next Friday!

May the Mighty Women of Middle-Pause be with you!

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Until next time…

Peace & Blessings!

Your Superheroes!

From Debbie, Krista, Cindy, Margie, Marilyn, and Meg

It’s tag time! Shauna Anderson Hollie Harris APSolimando Pamela Porter, PhD Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh epiphany Thoughts a Thinking Zayera Stacey Patterson, J.D. Erika Dionisio Kristen Petroff J.R. Flaherty Barb Chappell Mackenzie Graham Edwina Owens Elliott Karen Hoffman Sandy Maximus Kit Desjacques Ccgordon Dr. Theophano Mitsa Neha Negandhi bookish Runa Heilung Ashley Neale Nicola Williams, Ph.D. Jennise B. Wandering to Wonderful Beth Riungu Charisse Tyson Bonnetta Petties Elsie Wayfaire Julie Marr MAGDALENA PONURSKA Jennifer Romans- health writer for hire Judy Walker Kleri 𝒅𝒂𝒋𝒉𝒂 𝒎𝒂𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒍𝒍 Ignore the Rules by Patricia Thornton Khadijah So Tracy Collins Debra Anazonwu Portia T Nicole Lee Sondra Singer — Still Vital The Happy Hag Karen Scholl Jennifer Haubrich Holy Sh*t I Have Cancer Gail McNulty Kerry Kramer Victoria Kjos Marcia Abboud Dr. Barbara Christie Freya V. Locke Kristen Caven ADEOLA SHEEHY-ADEKALE Samantha Serum Joan Churchill Kiwana Hall Julia Byrd Krista Rausin Claire Atyeo — Medicine Woman BrandyNicoleHammock Maez Amy Strommer a.j. land Zivah Avraham Valerie Anne Burns Julie Calidonio Sheri Jacobs Azella Bette A. Ludwig 🔍 CarolF Gabriela Trofin-Tatár Shefali gupta Dana Mayer Victoria Kjos Kelly Crawford Jenny Calcoen hurea Daphsam Linda Courtney Juanima Hiatt lizzie Ellen Anne Chong Sarah Sandidge Nayla Mitha Rinku Patel Kalilou Jennifer Brown Xine Segalas Dr. Preeti Singh Ann Andrews Joan Naidorf Ashllyn T. Michele Kaider-Korol Joan Churchill Bloom 🌺 Adele Arbi Crystal Jackson Colleen Luckett, The “Abortionfluencer” Lina AbiRafeh Hannah Schneider Liza Donnelly Woman at 40 🦋 Amir Bibi Barb Besteni Rachael Cousins writes as Botanical Biohacker eXotic Dancer Chevie Hanssler Deb Palmer Conceivably Me Linda Spangle Betsy Chasse Jo Lovatt — (KryptaKitty) Lisa Dawn Aleena G Aleksandra M. Killy Toni The Talker Frances A. Chiu Kristin Austin H F Sylaj Amy Montemarano Angela Randall, MBA Sara Paulos La Verite May Y. Yang Kyrie Gray Shari Lopatin Myla Morningstar Amanda Weir-Gertzog Willow Baum Dr Faith Wambura Ngunjiri Tiffany A Vera-Marie Landi Carrie Hayes Rhyena Halpern renee tarantowski Leah Hamilton Toni The Talker C. Reed Bush Jenny Wren Ellisha Kriesl Blue Kristi Keller Sherry Briscoe Tara Blair Ball Wendy Slates Nikki Barr Mary DeVries Paula Ekai Stephens Holly Siron Melissa Corrigan Jennifer Dunne Catherine Walsh Tracey Folly Krusha Renee Daniel Kalia Kelmenson Jen D. Clark Natalie Forrest Christine Denker Kristy C Melinda Blau Edina Kishonthy Joan Roberts Vanessa Torre JL Novak Miriam Slozberg 💋~Elusive Roar~💋 Sally Doran Sharon’s Writerly Musings Christine Fuchs Stylish Ever After Nishi Julie Ramsay Christa Rogers Britanny Levy Pallavi Goswami Jill Ebstein Lindsay Bennett Marieke Vantieghem Grandma Smillew Denise Larkin Alicia Cahalane Lewis Suzanne V. Tanner June Kirri Lisa Johnson Lindsay Bennett Ellen Eastwood Menopausal Mama Allison Wiltz Meaghan Ward Amy Dobbs Vanessa Brown Haynes- Larson Ida Adams RAINNA Amy Sterling Casil Michelle Spencer Christine Fuchs Ipshita Guha Some Girll Autumn Starr CCPS CNE CRS GRI Lisa Kelly Zuba La Verite All My Little Words Tracy Willis Michele Maize Lisa A. McCombs Tracy Fance Psychic Coach Meg Vardy Emily B. Mingledorff aka Mamadorff Writes Cappelli, MFA, JD, PhD Jane Trombley jules — Miz Mindful Maureen Morrissey Jill Ebstein Maria Rattray Margaret’s Reflections Judy Derby Catherine Durkin Robinson Marianne Simon Stella Lyn Norris Bonnie Boucek Linda Caroll Jo Ann Harris Michele Bigley Whitney Blaine Dee Miceli Karen Fayeth Nicole Campbell Debbie Weiss Elna Cain Coyote Susan Shelley Stewart Anne Spollen Cringe Mama RN Laura DeMaisBerg Laurie Morin Linda Horton Lisa Holliday Linda Lum Chinyere Okoh Mary V Matilda Fairholm Meg Coyle Nicole Akers PlainTalkBadManners Trudi Griffin Samantha Hodder Courtney Burry Selma MeraBaid Kaur Steffany Ritchie Stephanie Trumble Tara Zoë Roshe Andrea Aikin LynnEllyn Robinson Connie Dolph Lori Wangler KimRae Ketcham Michelle Richmond Michelle Jimerson Morris Jennifer Marla Pike Helena Anne Michele Cambardella Danita Jones Lisa Precious / Smiley Blue Kate-lynne Pigg Kristen Austin Abigail Carter Aikya Param Aimée Brown Gramblin Alisa Childress Alison Acheson Ana C. Reis, PhD Adrienne Gibbs Adrienne Grimes Anna (she/her) Anu Anniah Audrey Stimson Beth Bruno Bebe Nicholson Cali Bird Carol Lennox Cathy Louise Christine Schoenwald Cindy Heath Michele Coleman Jill (Conquering Cognitions) DRM Dena@Write-Solutions Diane Overcash Diane Carson Diana Carson-Walker Michelle Marie Warner Michelle March Michele Thill Michelle Thall Occasional Thoughts by Michele Mehl ElizaBeth Hill EP McKnight, MEd Erika Burkhalter Gabriela Francisco Wendi Gordon Giulietta Passarelli Helen Cassidy Page Helen Clare Hope Carter Jacquelyn Lynn Janet Mary Cobb (she/her) Janie Emaus Jean Campbell Jocelyn Soriano Karen Schwartz Katharine Valentino Kay Bolden Krista Bennett Kathryn Dillon Kelley Murphy Kim McKinney Michelle Lee-Ann Lee-Anne Hancock Jessica Lynn Lindy Ralph Laurie Livingston Nave Lori Stratton Dawn Bevier Leana Hardgrave Lynn Collier Mandy McElroy Mandy Osterhaus Ream Margie Pearl Marilyn Regan Marla Bishop Mary B Marne Platt Mary Gallagher MaryJo Wagner, PhD Mary Liga Melinda Crow Melinda Gates Michelle Obama (Archives) Marie Jones Marie F. Jones Michele McAtee Pavane Mann Phyllis Unterschuetz Sharon Wiatt Jones Sharon Johnson Shaunta Grimes Shelley McIntosh Sherry McGuinn Stacy Davenport Susan Kehoe Tara Lingeman Taressa Watson Terianne Falcone Tess Wheeler Juneta Key Remington Write T Mann Vanessa Robinson Wendy Coop October J. Karen Madej Yolanda Nakari Yvonne Borgquist Margie Zanzano Meg Stewart Rachel Thompson Tracy Gerhardt-Cooper Toni Crowe Mary Lou Heater Marie A. Rebelle

Luv, y’all!

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