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How I Got 10000+ Claps with 3 Posts on Medium. (Just 3 Weeks In)

Your goals doesn’t make you win, the process within your progress does. Aim high and wide as you guarantee to shot the long range.

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Face it, as new medium member, matter of fact all readers get caught up with the headline of a post. When we see a title like this post, we ask, How?, Why?, No Way, Why not me?

As much as you want to scroll down and see what I’m talking about, I still get your attention for a few more second. Yet, the message/signals already sent to your brain. (we’re here to see what happened)

How to Trend with what you have.

See why you trend: your stats and milestone that you just reach or did not foresee. By asking a different set of questions can help you know: How to use your own post as an stepping stone project towards your next goal.

Often time, we have to repeat ourselves until it sticks.

You see goal are meaningless if you don’t reveal the process, that is your whole progress of each post journey. And yes you should judge or assess each of your post after each day’s earning/traffics data. (that is the most true feedback you’ll ever get but many wait and let it run by)

Let’s take the last 3 post’s earning (all 3 of them took almost the same among of energy and effort to make) What we need to see is that the market does not care who or what you do, it is how you do it that matters the most.

Image of Lifetime story stats of 3 post in January 2024.

That was the appetizer.

Main Course

What is relevant now might not be the next moment you visit it. Learn and apply now. Don’t just watch/read and wait, knowledge is built upon not waiting for something to happen, it just doesn’t work that way. 0 input=0?

You, your own leader leads and they their own follower follows.

Here’s your sandwich: (3 layers) (if I just re-describe the following 3 posts that it will defeat the purpose of this post, so I will not)

  1. As people like fuller transparency and acknowledgement of obtaining a certain goal.
Image of Lifetime story stats with 5K Claps as of 1/3/2024

If you think if is worth rereading it, go ahead and do it, as there is still relevant info that you may not got the first time you read it.

2. As Read Ratio does not directly determines the earnings, yet I see it as a metric on how relevant was each post and how well it was written for the message to be delivery.

Image of Lifetime story stats with 3.3K Claps as of 1/3/2024

After reading or rereading a post, make sure to write down real feedback. (Frontend to show the community of your thoughts, Backend to note down anything that can use in your own work or improve the thought process)

3. Only your true Fans understand your craft, as they are also practicing similar lens of work in order to achieve or help the one that is along the path.

Image of Lifetime story stats with 2.8K Claps as of 1/3/2024

For those who remember that we all have super powers which is:

Your Super Power = Beliefs you have that others would consider extreme or offensive. (read that post here, finish this one first)

The most amazing thing you should believe in is that when it comes to Fans, new or old doesn’t matter. What matter is the relevance of frequency we are engaging with.

Keep in mind one post can lift your entire traffic source if it catches on fire.

If you have read up to here, don’t you want to read a bit more about the dessert? Yet, a good movie always ends near it’s height. That is for you to think, wait, and wanting for more. After all a psychological effect is the one that gets to be store in your memory longer than you can imagine. (or you can write the dessert about this post in the comment to share your intake)

Weather it is the art of reading your work or the craft of sending a message

As long as the message can be delivery with intension, then your job is done.

Thank you for reading.

Whenever you can put an = sign between 2 meaning that holds truth, you see the unthinkable.

Claps = the level of aware agreement to a post/comment.


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