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5 Uncommon Traits of Highly Conscious People You Can’t Ignore

Go within the heart to go beyond the mind.

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I have been a part of the inner circle of awakened people for years.

I just didn’t get dropped there one fine morning. But it happened slowly when I gained more authenticity and consciousness in my life. Meeting with one and then another led to a whole newness in my life.

Awareness changed my life. And this is what I know of conscious people that makes them uniquely unstoppable.

1. Contradiction

Once, my mentor shared, “I was a strong advocate of non-vegetarian food. Being a gym enthusiast and fitness freak, I’d gorge on non-veg almost daily. In fact, I motivated others to eat non-veg and often debate on its health benefits.”

I was confused and asked, “But now you don’t eat. Or do you?”

He laughed.

“I don’t consume it now. After my awakening, I left everything that inflicts harm on other living beings. Also, I called everyone whom I had pushed earlier and accepted my wrongdoings.”

I was in awe at how innocently he accepted his past mistakes and apologized.

Later, I realized it was because he didn’t identify with who he was. He can clearly see he is not what people see in him.

A conscious person knows they are not the identities.

When you are not attached to any identity, you can blatantly accept yourself. Even if it means contradicting your statements or way of living.

They do what is required in the present and do not let the past define them.

2. Adaptability

I adore people who easily adapt to situations. These people are rare.

Instead, I’ve seen so many people complaining and abusing others. These people think they will be happy once everything is in order.

The mind loves security. It wants to know things in advance. You want to live a life that has no disturbances.

That is why many people lack the flexibility to adapt.

Highly conscious people know life is unpredictable. They know they can’t control life.

To deal with this uncertainty, they have developed a magic potion.

They modify their inner environment in such a way that they remain unaffected by any outer modifications. They work on their resistance to go beyond their mental preferences and rest in unknowing.

This immense acceptability gives them the power to adapt to any situation with ease.

3. Craziness

A few days back, someone asked me, “What suggestion would you give to those who are just starting out on their spiritual journey?”

The answer came, “Laugh your heart out.”

I was amazed at the simplicity of the answer.

Many people think spirituality is about being serious about one’s spirit. But it is not.

Spirituality is going back to the basics of being an innocent child. The twist is that it is a conscious journey.

The highly conscious people may seem super serious when they talk about life and spirituality. But that wisdom comes from the innocence of their being.

They live with an open heart, like a child. They laugh like a baby and do all the silly things that so-called intellectual people look down upon.

Highly conscious people live from that light-heartedness. The burden of the mind dissolves in the silliness of nothingness.

4. Powerful silent presence

Long back, when I was seeking spiritual guidance, I ignorantly thought the mentor would fill me with wise words.

I was so wrong.

I found that their presence is more powerful than any words.

Silence is the language of souls. You somehow imbibe something greater than words when you sit with them.

The more the person’s mind dissolves, the more their silence echoes. But you can hear its echo if you have a sensitive heart to listen.

5. They just know.

For the last many years, something has been happening to me.

When someone shares their real feelings, I can deeply feel them within me. I could feel their choking heart, helplessness, or sinking feeling. It is that deep feeling that even words fail to express.

Their emotional wave strikes my heart with heavy force before dissolving in silence.

I knew about empathy and all. So, for many years, I didn’t give it much importance.

But recently, the intensity and suddenness have increased immensely. My heart would dip instantly, like tasting their inner sense before getting stable in silence.

Slowly, I realized how intimately we are all connected.

We may be separate individuals on the surface, but deep somewhere within, we all are one.

An egoic mind will dismiss it and be ready to beautify its individuality. The intellect divides.

But a sensitive heart knows and is ready to embrace the self and others in the same acceptance.

When consciousness rises, the oneness also rises.

Final Thoughts

It may seem highly conscious people are some lucky gems.

But the truth is, they are just on the path. The path that goes from the divisive ego to the oneness of consciousness.

The only difference is that they know —

  • When the unconscious self activates,
  • How to remain detached from it and
  • Rest in the stillness that they are.

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