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The content provides insights into the unique experiences and characteristics of highly sensitive people (HSPs), emphasizing their heightened emotional and sensory perceptions, deep connections with nature, and intuitive abilities.


The article delves into the traits of highly sensitive people, noting their tendency to form deep connections with others while often feeling lonely due to their inability to express their true selves. It highlights their strong affinity for nature, acute sensory perceptions, and well-developed intuition. HSPs are described as having vivid dreams that can be prophetic or emotionally revealing. They are open-minded, seeing the positive in situations and feeling overwhelmed by the emotions of others, leading to a need for solitude to recharge. The content also discusses their aversion to hatred, deep compassion for global suffering, support for the underprivileged, and a preference for following their heart over competitive environments. The article concludes by acknowledging the challenges HSPs face in a world that often misunderstands them, yet it also celebrates their contributions to making the world a more beautiful and empathetic place.


  • HSPs are considered a refreshing presence in a world focused on material gain.
  • Society may not fully understand or appreciate the depth and complexity of an HSP's experiences.
  • HSPs may struggle with authentic expression and finding like-minded individuals.
  • Nature is seen as a sanctuary for HSPs, providing emotional grounding and a sense of peace.
  • Overstimulation from the environment can be overwhelming for HSPs, necessitating a well-organized personal space.
  • Intuition is highly valued by HSPs and is seen as a reliable guide in their lives.
  • The article suggests that HSPs' dreams can be exceptionally vivid and may carry significant meaning or premonitions.
  • HSPs are portrayed as inherently compassionate, often feeling the suffering of others deeply and personally.
  • The concept of "hatred" is viewed as a foreign and uncomfortable emotion

13 Powerful Signs That Show You Are Highly Sensitive to the Energy Around You

Being a highly sensitive person is not easy on this planet, but this world would be barren without you.

Photo by Tatiana Twinslol from Pexels

Do most people open up to you and consider you a friend, but the same is not valid for you? Do you feel exhausted when dealing with people and need alone time to recharge yourself? Do you feel claustrophobic when you remain indoors for a long time?

As energy beings, everybody vibrates at a different frequency. Some can catch most of the transmissions unknowingly. These are highly sensitive people (HSP). In today's world, where people pray for money, position, power, HSPs are a whiff of fresh air.

Your unique ability to perceive the world makes them special. You deeply sense, notice, and realize many things that most people miss. Their high sense of perception and compassion overwhelms them. Sometimes it makes it difficult for them to operate in the physical world.

You might recognize yourself, your partner, coworker, or friend as highly sensitive people based on the traits.

1. Even Though You Connect With Everybody, You Feel Lonely and Don't Express Your Heart Openly

Everybody considers you a friend. People talk to you effortlessly. You feel strange about how intensely you connect with others. Sometimes you feel profound oneness.

But you can't consider anyone your close friend who could understand you in the same depths. This makes it difficult to express your authentic feelings, experiences, and thoughts. Thus making you feel lonely.

You mask your genuine self behind the mask that society approves. Thus making you feel more uncomfortable.

2. You Feel at Home With Nature

Nature attracts you immensely. It grounds your emotions, and a soothing feeling pours you whenever you are in nature.

Remaining indoors for long makes you feel claustrophobic. You need fresh air, a vast sky, and some greenery near you.

You love to spend some alone time in nature. You may have talked to the tree, wind, moon, or favorite rock about your problems. You consider all of them as your friends.

The chances are high that you may be a tree hugger. You connect well with animals and birds, and they are not afraid to come near you.

Every time you are in nature, a sense of calmness and oneness bathes you. You become light, refreshed, and ready to take on the world.

3. Your One or More Senses Have an Acute Perception

We all experience life from our five senses — sight, smell, touch, taste, listen. Being highly sensitive, the overstimulation of these five senses can easily overwhelm you.

You get lost while watching a sunset. You feel relaxed when you feel the flow of air on your skin. You pause to smell a flower. Your tongue may also be highly sensitive to sugar, spices, and salt. Your body even tells you what you did not put right inside it.

On the contrary, high pitch music and sound irritate you. You avoid going to crowded places. Discotheques and clubs are out of your no-go zones.

A cluttered wardrobe, desk, or room affects your mood. Therefore, you always organize your living space.

4. You Have Developed a Deep Sense of Intuition

We all have intuition. But it is like a muscle that you can develop by listening and following it.

Highly sensitive people have a close relationship with their intuition. Being a lonesome, you try to find a path for yourself. This leads to relying less on others and more on yourself. Logical things seem okay-ish to you, but you rely heavily on your intuition, even if it is weird sometimes.

The chances are high that you may have experienced some mystical experience that you can not explain logically.

5. You Have Vivid Dreams

Dreams are a gateway to suppressed emotions or the higher realms. When the conscious mind sleeps, we become close to the unknown.

Highly sensitive people have colorful, intricate dreams. Dreams may be weird but appear realistic. The most significant thing is that you remember dreams in great detail. Even a background is not missed. Your list of bizarre dreams is exhaustive, and some of them may also seem to be out of this world.

Sometimes these dreams also reveal secrets. They can show your current struggles that you hide from or indicate a near future.

You may also frequently dream of a deceased friend and relative. This might happen in one of those times where you miss or need them in real life.

6. You Have an Open Mind to See the Positive in Every Situation

You have a unique approach to life. You notice life from unusual angles where ordinary people avoid. It helps you to give the benefit of the doubt to others. Your open heart allows you to perceive and enjoy life without any baggage.

You love to uplift others with their motivational words. No matter how hard your life may go behind the scenes, you always cherish helping others.

7. You Feel Sad or Overwhelmed for No Reason

Situations and people have a significant effect on highly sensitive people. You can either be overstimulated or can feel numb at times. Living in the extremes of over-joyous and silence confuses people around you. Dealing with people exhausts you.

Being highly sensitive, you can deeply feel their overactive but hidden emotions. You may catch the vibrations of people. It is also a sign of you being an Empath.

For this reason, you may avoid going to crowds or places of loud music. The overstimulated environment drains you. That is the main reason you need alone time to rejuvenate and relax.

8. You Need Alone Time to Recharge Yourself

While a heavy-stimulated environment drains you, you find peace when alone. From time to time, you seek solitude. This rejuvenates you.

It may also be possible that you undergo a period of complete silence. Some people might take it as depression. But you don't feel like clarifying, and you know it is a period of your deep cleansing.

9. Hatred Is a Powerful Word For You

Even when somebody does terrible things to you, you don't hate them. You may be angry, sad, or drained, but never hate them.

You recognize that life is a fleeting moment, and everything changes. It does not scare you. Instead, it helps you to remain positive, irrespective of the situation.

You can not dwell on negativity for long. You may feel bad, but then you move on with your life. Many times, you also forget the trivial minor mishappenings.

10. Being a Compassionate Soul, You Question the Misery of The World

Everybody sees the injustice and suffering happening around. Most even discuss them. But highly sensitive people feel the injustice within their system.

The news of destruction affects you significantly. You profoundly feel the sufferings of people, be it homeless people in your town or far-flung war-torn countries.

With all your heart, you pray for them. But you also feel the need to do something for everybody who suffers. Because of helplessness, you may cry your heart out when alone.

Your compassion overflows. This makes you incline more towards people like you. It is no surprise you'd choose a company of compassionate people over an intellectual one. A competitive world confuses you, whereas a loving, open heart world is yours.

11. You Support and Motivate Underdogs

You despise the show of power and money and feel strangely inclined to underdogs. You empathize with their struggles. Motivating and clapping for them comes naturally to you.

Your empathy, support, and compassion may feel odd to the rest of the people. Only a handful of people understand your want to have equality and success for all.

12. Following Your Heart Is Easy for You, Whereas Competitive Intellectual People Confuse You

The heart is a seat of understanding and empathy. The more you connect with your beautiful soul, the more life opens for you. Your unique wisdom comes from a life that expresses through your creativity.

Inclination towards creative aspects of life is not a mystery to you. The music, colors, gardening, or any creative activity silence your mind. It makes you more connected with life.

13. You Genuinely Believe You Don't Belong Here

Experiencing the massive discrimination among people appalls you. The immense disparity makes you feel sad.

Friction between people and circumstances disturbs you. In contrast, nobody around you doesn't seem to get deeply affected. This forces you to think that you don't belong here. You feel you belong to some part of the world where everybody is happy, satisfied, and live in togetherness.


Life is tough for highly sensitive people. They appear strange to others. To gel up with people, you mask your original face. But within your heart, you remain true to yourself. Your tears for humanity, compassionate heart for equality, never lie to you.

It may be challenging for you to express and live in authenticity. But this world would be barren without beautiful people like you.

Let this sensitivity grow, and slowly slowly, as you become more and more sensitive, more and more sensuous, you will see more and more beauty around. The deeper your insight, the greater the beauty. And when you see this whole existence as a tremendous dance, a celebration, you are liberated by it. — Osho, The Book of Wisdom, Ch 2, Q 3 (excerpt)

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