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Top 3 Best Resources with Free Courses

Learn New Things and Improve Your Skills with These Tools

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I love studying new things and improving my skills.

But sometimes I have so many different interests that I don’t want to spend money on all of them.

Do you want to pay for something that you probably won’t need? I had this question and now have a solution.

There are a lot of free resources with courses on the Internet.

You can learn from the great master without paying any cent. Of course, you can if you want to support a project.

CrashCourse YouTube Channel

The number one on my list is a YouTube channel with many free courses you may find there.

You can learn anything you want, for example:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Physics

These subjects are just examples; you may find many more courses there.

They are recorded professionally and with high quality.

My best reason to study here is because it’s free, available on YouTube, and allows you to watch it from any device.

Check this channel and let me know what you think about it.

Also, you must know that anything you want to learn is on YouTube for free. Because authors of such educational content earn money on views and ads, you can access all that content for free.

Udemy Free Resources

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Among all platforms with courses, I love Udemy the most.

It contains many paid courses for any topic you want.

Additionally, you can find a bunch of free courses.

The reason for creating free courses is to get a big audience for new authors and good reviews.

After this, these authors may start creating paid courses.

You may find a lot of free courses that contain excellent content. One of them, and my favourite, is a course on how to speak to anyone.

Google Grow

The latest resource from my side is Google Grow.

Today, Google has almost anything for its users, and free courses are one of them.

To get a certification, look for paid programs from Google.

But in this case, if you are looking for a small amount of information and free content, you should look at this resource.

Also, Google has an opportunity to get many intelligent people to participate in creating such excellent courses.

So, please take a look and try it; it’s free!

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