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The Psychology of Creativity: How to Boost Your Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

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Often, we feel a lack of creativity in our lives. This feeling refers to people who do the following jobs:

  • writing
  • painting
  • singing
  • designing
  • programming

From the first point of view, only jobs refer to this. Most people think so. But as we can see into other things we can do, it becomes more expansive.

For example, you can read your favorite book and look for ways to make this process more fun and exciting, looking for new places and devices to read on.

You can be creative at anything, starting from looking for a gift for your friend and ending with anything like what kind of message you write to your boss.

I like creativity and everything that makes it better. Personally, for me, creativity is a skill; it’s like a muscle that you can train all the time and make better.

Often, it needs rest and proper treatment. And sometimes you have to provide a good portion of stimulation for this.

That’s why I’ve collected the following things you can do to become more creative. But before I start with my bullet list, I would like to recommend a book by the great author Austin Kleon, and it’s named Steal Like an Artist.

It’s a concise book, but it is insightful and gives you a lot of good thoughts to make you more creative and opens your eyes to the real world of creativity.

This author also has two other excellent books, so if you like this one, I highly recommend checking them!

So, let’s go to the things that may make us more creative! Here are them:

  • Look for inspiration in other people who create
  • Try to combine other ideas that already exist
  • Walk more, investigate the world around you
  • Make a folder with resources that give you ideas
  • Find several different ways to solve any problem you have
  • Try to solve math or programming problems
  • Pain or write something on the paper
  • Plan your next steps

It’s might the most insightful thing I use in my daily life. But what I must say to you first of all is that we should always look around ourselves and think out of the box.

If you can see something exciting or talk to someone who can help, don’t miss your opportunity!

Even this article can bring you new ideas and people to talk with; write a comment with a question, idea, or something else. We people can speak with each other and share our ideas! It’s so simple! That’s why we should use it as much as possible!

Go forward and create your staff! But while you need more information and inspiration, I will share other articles from my library. Please enjoy it!

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