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The Dangers of Cutting People Off

The urge to walk away from relationships can be a sign of a spiritual attack

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I once overlooked a potential friend because he didn’t seem like someone I’d usually be friends with. But after a chat with a spiritual mentor who mentioned that this friend was someone who was connected to my destiny, I gave him a chance, and we became the best of friends. Our conversations flowed like water as knowledge and ideas were exchanged.

When I shared with my new friend my dream of building a house, he was my biggest supporter, offering motivation and wisdom. He was with me as I surveyed the land and gathered the materials. However, when the time came for the project to begin, my friend who assured me he would be there with me every step of the way was nowhere to be found. He got me started with a huge feat and ditched me. I felt so hurt and disappointed I decided to cut him off. I couldn’t trust him again.

I spoke to my mentor, expressing my frustrations, and he revealed to me that my friend wasn’t there because I wasn't supposed to always rely on him to get things started. He wasn’t in my life to do things for me. He was here to empower me to do things for myself.

This revelation made so much sense to me, and that’s when I realized the significance of our connection. He is my destiny helper sent to help me advance in life. I swallowed my pride and called my friend. Then we fixed what was broken.

God connects us to destiny relationships — people who help us advance in life.

Sometimes, the people you meet aren’t just random encounters. There’s something about them that’s connected to your future.

Destiny relationships are relationships that have a role to play in regard to your destiny. They are meant to walk this path with you throughout your lifetime. They’re important because they’re linked to your overall destiny. Think of your family, close friends, mentors, and other key people who help shape your future.

They are the relationships you must do anything to keep close because they’re part of your big life story.

Recognizing who is a destiny helper sent to help you takes discernment and humility. Humility helps you see that we all have something to learn from each other. It allows us to acknowledge our mistakes and make amends. Discernment helps you see who to fight to keep in your life and who to let go of.

You see, it’s okay to move on from or let go of regular connections such as general or seasonal relationships, but when it comes to those linked to your destiny, it’s worth working through the challenges. You must swallow your pride and make it work.

The urge to walk away from destiny relationships can be a sign of a spiritual attack.

God brings certain people into your life to help you move forward. The enemy brings certain people into your life to keep you from moving forward.

The first thing that happens when you are under spiritual attack is that you have the urge to push people away or cut them out of your life. The enemy seeks to create problems between you and those who can support you, leaving you vulnerable. This can lead to isolation, making it harder to find help when you need it most.

This is the reason why many people who go through a spiritual awakening find themselves isolated with no friends. It’s not about being more enlightened than others; it’s about the fact that after a spiritual awakening, you become a threat. When you’re isolated, it’s easy to attack you.

You are never spiritually attacked when you are surrounded by divine helpers. They may be able to spot the attack in their tracks and warn you of it. But when you have no one to walk the path with you, then who has your back?

While God sends blessings through people, the enemy tries to bring destruction by removing good influences. He sends the wrong people and interests into your life to distract you from your purpose and derail your destiny.

Many people have the narrative that they don’t need anybody. They shut the door on potential helpers because they believe they don’t need anyone new in their lives. They believe they don’t need any friends but they risk ruining their futures thinking they can go it alone.

The song “No New Friends” by Drake became a popular tune back in the day and many people happily sang along and closed doors to their destiny helpers.

We must be careful who we drive away from our lives. By pushing away just one person who cares, we could be pushing away years of peace and joy.

When I was younger, I thought I could go it alone and didn’t need certain people in my life. Looking back, I see that was a big mistake. As I’ve matured in my spirituality, I’ve come to realize just how much I need these divine connections.

Sometimes the people we push away are the ones who can teach us the most. Seeing these things takes wisdom and insight.

I had to put my pride aside and work to mend those broken connections. I had to learn to forgive.

Forgiveness allows us to move past hurt and conflict. By extending forgiveness, we not only release negative emotions, but also create space for growth and renewed connections. It’s a powerful tool that enabled me to let go of resentment and move forward, ultimately strengthening the fabric of my relationships and allowing for new beginnings.

The people I’ve met have made a big difference in my life. Some have played a huge role in opening up new opportunities for me. Whether it’s through their support, advice, or connections, these relationships have helped me progress in various aspects of my life. They’ve helped me open closed doors, and I’ve been able to do the same for them.

I’ve had the privilege of being a catalyst for positive change in other people’s lives, whether by offering spiritual guidance, introducing them to new opportunities, or simply being there for them. It just goes to show how important destiny relationships are.

The thing is, we’re not meant to navigate life’s journey alone. It’s not good for a man to be alone. We’re here to help each other advance and move forward in life.

Destiny relationships are important for our spiritual/personal growth and success, even if they don’t initially match what we imagine.

It’s not the outside that matters but what’s in the heart and one thing is for certain — the heart of a destiny helper will be gold and their impact, life-changing.

You must be careful who you cut off. By pushing away just one person who cares, you could be pushing away years of peace and joy.

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