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Shattered Allegiance

Trust broken, the hunt begins anew

Word of the Day: Proxy!

Thrilling Pursuit: The Unseen Deception at Heart of Justice | Created with Bing AI Co-Pilot by Author

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Under harsh lights, Detective Hadwin, Tom’s proxy, declared, “We won’t rest until he’s found.”

Beside him, Jen, eyes shimmering with unshed tears, vowed, “We’ll catch this monster.”

Her voice, laced with faux anguish, hid her secret well.

Behind the scenes, her thoughts twisted. Tom, dear Tom, if only you knew. The press conference was a charade; her heart was a vault of deception.

In the crowd, sceptical eyes watched—a colleague, suspicious. Jen’s performance was too perfect, he mused. The vow, a script she relished.

Hadwin promised justice; Jen’s facade faltered, her resolve as brittle as the trust she shattered.

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This is in response to a Random Word Drabble Challenge by Nancy Oglesby for Fiction Shorts Publication.

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