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A political Hail Mary…

Rejecting Trump, Mike Pence Endorses Aaron Rodgers For President

‘Once Aaron decided to throw his hat in the ring, I knew no one could throw hats better than him, so he’s my man’

Pence insists Rodgers is not as delusional as his former boss “and has far fewer indictments.” (Image Credit: Left: Kathryn Gamble for NYT / Right: foxnews.com)

“I have always loved Aaron’s take charge attitude, leadership qualities, and his courage in expressing controversial views on issues of the day—like whether Sandy Hook was a hoax, Covid a creation of Bill Gates and Jimmy Kimmel, and the earth being pancake flat once you pass Hawaii,” said Mike Pence on Friday.

The former VP surprised no one by refusing to support wanna-be dictator Donald Trump for president in 2024, but shocked everyone with his full-throated endorsement of NFL great, Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers is not currently a candidate for president.

“I don’t care if he’s running or not,” added Pence, “we all need to get behind a man who knows what to do with the nuclear football—like throwing a bomb from New York to Beijing if the need arises. Aaron’s got a world-class arm.”

Pence himself dropped out of the 2024 race after a swarm of flies landed on his forehead.


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Mike Pence
January 6 2021
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