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PYTHON — Working With Linked Lists In Python

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Working with Linked Lists in Python

In this lesson, you have learned about linked lists and their implementation in Python. Linked lists are a fundamental data structure in computer science and have various applications. This lesson will summarize the key points covered in the course and provide additional resources for further learning.

Summary of Key Topics

You have learned the following topics in this course:

  1. What linked lists are and when to use them
  2. Implementation of queues and stacks using collections.deque
  3. Creating your own linked list and node classes with relevant methods
  4. Overview of other types of linked lists and their use cases

Additional Resources

For more information about linked lists in Python, you can explore the following resources:


Congratulations on completing the course on working with linked lists in Python! With the knowledge gained from this course, you can now recognize scenarios where linked lists, stacks, and queues are applicable. Keep practicing and exploring the applications of linked lists in various programming problems. Happy coding!

Community Feedback

Here are some comments from other learners:

  • Ghani: “I’ll need some time to digest the course but it was very well explained and presented. Thanks!”
  • Aashish: “Excellent explanation.”

Course Contents

This lesson is part of a comprehensive course on working with linked lists in Python. You can review the entire course for a deeper understanding of the topic.

By summarizing the course’s key topics and providing additional resources, you now have a solid understanding of working with linked lists in Python. If you are new to linked lists, the provided resources will be beneficial in furthering your knowledge and skills in this area. Happy coding!

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