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Prompt — Home is Where Family Lives and Share Love!

My home is a world that doesn’t threaten freedom, peace, and love.

Inspired by Prompt: There is No Place Like Home

Is this statement true or false according to you?

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Reading this prompt many memories flowed inside of my head.

The statement is both true and false.

Home is family and elephants have the perfect family. I have never seen an elephant alone. Its family is always nearby. Each mother is responsible for all the cubs, whether they are hers or not. Isn’t that just beautiful?

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I wished an elephant was my mother.

They say, ‘Home is where the heart is.’

They are right, a heart of pain and sorrow for some and a heart of happiness and love for others.

Elephants home is happy if each female is responsible for every cub in the herd. Imagine someone is always watching over our children. No elephants want to leave the herd. Wherever they go, they go together.

As a child, I hated home. Unhappiness, hunger, poverty, pain, cruelty, and other elements lived there and refused to leave. School was a sanctuary for me. As summer and other holidays approach, I will get sad. September morning was a happy occasion for me.

This was sad because I didn’t make friends at school. It was when I became an adult, I realized that it was depression.

I made a vow to create a home environment that would be a sanctuary for my children. A place they want to return to. A place where someone is always looking out for them. Somewhere they are not afraid to be themselves and the truth refuses to hide. A home where their abilities and dreams will grow wings and take them to places where hope and love thrive.

A place where we can read and sense negativity, sad or bad moods, and find ways to improve it. A home where gratitude is given often and peace comforts, soothes and heals.

A home where the cruelty and hatred plaguing the world can’t reach you because so much love and understanding thrive there. A world where when the difficulties and dishonesty of humanity wear you down and you lose hope, going home, the kindness that lives there, you will be renewed, restrengthened, rejuvenated, reinforced, rested, and ready to fight again as you leave.

You might call it heaven, it’s just a place where you can be you, without judgement, and no one has to pretend.

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Lol, material possessions don’t make a home. Love, kindness, joy, understanding, forgiveness, hope, patience, and everything else that warms a heart, give a smile, and comforts you when sadness threatens.

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A place where dreams are encouraged and nurtured. A place where you are you and accepted by all. A place that doesn’t threaten freedom, peace, or love. A place where children are protected, like in an Elephant’s herd.

Yes, I am nuts, but I created the world I want in my home. It’s still there, but I must keep all negative elements out.

Home is the world you created for yourself and the ones you love.

Thank you Warren Brown for this brain exercise.

Be inspired.

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