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Oppressed People Are Too Nice (Racism, Feminism, and the Inhumans)

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This is probably going to be a controversial article, yet I think truthful. One thing I have noticed when it comes to people’s nature is that there are certain people who seem to simply be brutal, toxic, evil, and silly beyond repair, yet there are other people who are reasonable, kind, compassionate, and seem to have an overall better nature than the former. The problem is that the reasonable, kind, compassionate people try to reason and bargain with the former, those who don’t have such… restraints, for lack of a better word. For the sake of the argument and simplicity, let’s refer to the toxic, evil, and largely unreasonable people as the inhumans.

And so it seems that, regardless of how much the better people try to reason with the others, even if it’s based on logic, they are simply speaking a language that the inhumans can’t understand. In fact, it may be that such evil, toxic, vile, and silly beings are merely animals in human flesh! Before you start tripping, those creatures come in different races and sexes. And though it may seem that you can’t reason with such people, there is one thing that they can understand. Fortunately or unfortunately, that thing that they understand is power, often enforced through violence.

It is typically not in the nature of the kind-hearted and actually human people to dehumanize other people, but that may simply be the only way to understand their mentality. Ironically, it tends to be a tactic of the inhumans to dehumanize other people, which is one of the most clever and insidious forms of projection known to mankind!

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In any case, suppose there is a grizzly bear, a pitbull, or some other type of dangerous animal, and it sees you. I’m not even sure if dogs see people as food, apparently sometimes they just want to attack, for whatever reason. Even if you run from them, it doesn’t mean they’re going to have mercy and say to themselves, “Oh, they are just scared. I’ll leave them alone” and actually stop chasing you. However, what such animals do understand is pain! So if you take something and knock the hell out of them, even if it takes a few times, eventually, they might have sense enough to back up or either just fight to the death.

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And the same is the case for some so-called human beings, the inhumans. And now we shall get into what this article is really about: racism and sexism.

In case some people get lost or get triggered, this does not mean that all Black people are good and regular humans, nor does it mean that all women are either. Trust me, I know. That being said, the animalistic people that we are referring to as the inhumans can often be found in the oppressive groups and demographics, using inhumane (hence inhuman) logic to justify their behavior, the behavior of the group or organization, that they claim to represent, and their positions of privilege. And as you no doubt have guessed, many men, white men in particular, tend to do that. In fact, I wrote another article specifically talking about whether or not blacks can reasonably appeal to white people’s morality when it comes to trying to reason themselves into equality, but I digress.

So when it comes to the logic of inhumans, it is not uncommon for them to basically say that other people deserve to be treated like shit by them or that other people shouldn’t complain about being treated like shit since they should be thankful for whatever benefits the inhumans believe that they offer. For instance, is not uncommon to hear inhuman white folks claim that blacks should be thankful for being enslaved and dragged from Africa by force since otherwise they would still be “swinging from trees in a disease-ridden Africa.”

It is not uncommon for the inhumans of the white variety to say that they built America (all on their own, no less) and that the Black people who complain about their substandard conditions in America should just go back to Africa (regardless of many blacks never having been to Africa to begin with, nor having ancestors that chose to be in America but were forced to) but again, remember, inhumans don’t have the same logic and reasoning that regular humans do.

On the same token, there are some inhuman men who basically claim that women should stop complaining about any mistreatment and simply be thankful for men because men are “the builders of civilization, the modern world, and technology” and if it wasn’t for men protecting women, women would be decimated by the end of the week, (even if some of those same men who use that logic are the main threats that women need to be protected from to begin with). And regardless of all of the contributions that women have made to society (just as with Black people), a lot of those contributions are either downplayed, not celebrated as much, or ignored so that it gives people the impression (however untrue) that blacks and women simply haven’t contributed much to society like the white man (or even other non-black men).

So what does all of this have to do with the oppressed group being too nice? Basically, the oppressed groups, often filled with regular humans (but not all the time), try to reason with such people and try to appeal to a morality that the inhumans simply don’t have. They constantly try to do everything in their power to get the inhumans of the oppressive groups to act right without having to resort to the only thing that they respect or understand, power (often enforced through violence).

Look, let’s not beat around the bush here. We have to look at the elephant in the room and face the real problems. The real problem is this: a lot of the white inhumans who believe in the mythology of white supremacy, believe in their right to be at the top, and believe that other people should be thankful for the scraps they get from their table (regardless of whatever shit they have to put up with just to get those scraps) aren’t going to sit back and say “Yeah, you’re right, we did you all wrong, my bad, let us work to make this world a better place for everyone.”

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Even if there is a part of them that knows that what’s going on isn’t right, the concept of right and wrong doesn’t matter. Again, you have to understand, inhumans aren’t going to let little things like right and wrong, fairness, and morality get in the way of their progress. They aren’t in it for right and wrong, they are in it to win! By any means necessary! In their mind, the world is supposed to be their party. You’re not invited, but it’s at your expense.

What this means, as much as people may not want to admit it, is that when it comes to dealing with inhumans, generally speaking, you simply can’t expect a peaceful resolution with them. Even though real humans might prefer diplomacy and would prefer to do things without bloodshed on either side, inhumans think differently. Perhaps a part of that is because they feel that since they are in the winning position anyway and that they won’t lose, they think that a fight wouldn’t bother them.

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For example (NOT that I’m saying there should be a race war or anything), I have seen supposed white people online talk very arrogantly about a race war (perhaps in response to reasonable statements like “no justice, no peace”), saying that if it were to happen, blacks would be wiped out by the end of the day and that Black people should be thankful that they aren’t doing to us what they could do and that we shouldn’t “poke the bear” (by speaking out against racism and demanding equal rights) and all of that stupid shit.

Unfortunately, the same goes for feminism and women’s rights. Make no mistake, women’s rights have come a long way and that is awesome (aside from the disaster it can seem to cause in the dating arena in general, but I digress). But when it comes to women trying to reason with inhuman men, asking those men how they would feel if they were treated and disregarded in the same way that many women have been isn’t going to get through to them. They simply don’t give a damn. BUT, if the only thing they respect is power, then that may appear to put women in a precarious position since, generally speaking, women tend to be physically smaller, have less muscle mass, etc. than men. But no worries, there are many ways to fight a battle and physically is just one.

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I’m really trying to shorten my articles since I feel that I can be long-winded, but the point is this: when it comes to dealing with inhumans, trying to reason with them and have diplomacy with them, generally won’t work. Fortunately or unfortunately, they have to respect your power, your ability to cause them harm in some way. But the elephant in the room, for example, is that it appears that blacks can’t reasonably to go to war with white people (or, rather, the system of white supremacy) since, as white nationalists like to point out, white people have the numbers and the guns, blacks must stand down or be willing to be destroyed if they don’t accept the oppressive terms that are laid out, at least by the inhuman population of white folks.

Another elephant in the room is that since it appears that women can’t go to war with men (or, rather, the patriarchy) due to men typically being stronger and more prone to violence in general, it can appear to be a lost cause.

However, as mentioned by a wise man known as Dr. Orion Taraban, to get respect, their Simply needs to be an element of fear or understanding that one can cause some type of harm.

That harm may not always be physically, it can be in different ways. For example, if the inhuman variety of white man is all about his money and if Black people were to do a mass boycott (since blacks are said to be the biggest consumers), that would probably put a huge debt and even bankrupt lot of white-owned companies in due time. So that may not hurt them physically, but it might hurt their pockets.

Women can do different things as well. In fact, now that I think about it, that may explain why women are acting the way that they have been acting and why so many men today are suffering from loneliness, depression, high suicide rates, etc. The women might actually be at war with men! It just may be that they are doing it in a different way.

Anyway, I hope to write more on the issue about the inhumans in general. There is a lot more that could be said, but alas, I want to cut this short. Please share your thoughts on this information and on what you think about how to deal with the inhumans in general (regardless of what race or sex they are), and on what you think are different ways to do battle when it comes to warring against inhumans beyond just physically.

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