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How I Wrote 40 Articles in 2 Weeks, While Also Working a 48 Hour Day Job

SPOILER: I’m not special

That title isn’t meant as a humble brag. There’s nothing humble about it. I’m ecstatic with that number.

40 articles, in 14 days, while working a 48-hour work week.

There are no caveats here, no grand reveal where I explain how I wrote them all months ago and have started publishing now. No, they have all been written in that 2 week period.

And here’s how :

This is me. Writing happily and apparently ignoring the scissors flying through the air. Generated using Microsoft Designer.

I Write At Every Opportunity

My workday used to follow a particular routine. I would wake at 4:30, walk to work, have a coffee before starting work, and work. Morning break would be spent scrolling TikTok or YouTube shorts. Back to work. Lunch break would more scrolling, some light reading, and after twenty minutes or so devolve into the anarchy that is 20 men working together.

Rinse and repeat.

This no longer happens. I have created a new routine for myself since starting on this Medium journey.

I now wake at 5:00 and still walk to work, but I skip the coffee. Instead, I allow myself to wake up fully naturally.

“Drinking coffee as soon as you wake up could interfere with your body’s cortisol production which could leave you feeling more stressed and anxious if you dive straight in for a coffee as opposed to a glass of water.”

I have swapped the cup for an AirUp bottle to help increase my water intake. By the time morning break comes around my body is settled into the day and I allow myself that sweet, brown nectar. It tastes even better when you’ve made yourself wait for it.

Here comes the biggest change

Instead of reaching for my phone and scrolling TikTok, I launch straight into the Medium app and start writing. The work environment isn’t the most conducive to focused work, but it doesn’t have to be. I write every single article that I have published in a barebones bullet point format, like this:

Author screenshot. Title blurred because it’s my idea not yours. Hands off

We all have time to do that. We might not have time to write there and then when the idea strikes but we can all find the time to write a handful of words. Come lunch break I can flesh out the idea some more, add a little meat to the barebones and make my evening tasks even easier.

With work over, the barebones of an article already penned, I simply need to connect the dots and BAM. Article done.

I’ve Been Working All Day I Don’t Want to Work on the Evening Too

That’s a fair point. I work 12 hour days, 6:00 till 18:00. I go to bed at 21:00 each work night to ensure I'm rested the following day. That leaves me 3 hours in which to “do me”.

What does “do me” mean to you? I really could have (perhaps should have) rephrased that, but it’s there now and it’s staying.

Let me take a guess:

You eat tea. We all have to eat. No problems here from me. I'm not a tyrant.

You watch Netflix. Face it, there’s nothing good on there anyway. You’re just going to rewatch the Office again while you…

You scroll social media. Having fun watch all those other people live there dreams? Nice isn’t it. Or perhaps you’re there for the drama? You know what else could have drama? Your article, your book, that movie you want to pen.

You get into bed.

Is that a fair assumption? I’m not intending on being harsh, I’m just bring realistic. I’m telling you what I was doing. I can only speak from experience and that right there was my routine for almost the last twenty years.

What about if your routine looked a little more like this? :

You eat tea. Again, I’m no tyrant we all need to eat.

You flesh out the article(s) that you bareboned at work. A single article will do if that’s all you can comfortably commit too. This will take an hour at most, most nights it takes me 45 minutes to do 2/3.

Then, you can ignore whatever you want on Netflix. I bet you weren’t expecting that step were you?

I Have Achieved More in Two Weeks Than I Have In Twenty Years

Just allow that to sink in.

Here’s my latest ‘earnings report’ from Medium.

A 220% increase in a single week.

That is solely due to those simple changes I made above. I told you there was no gotcha moment. There was no secret that I would make you signup for or pay for.

The changes are small and so manageable that you will hate yourself for not making the change sooner. It’s barely a change at all.

If your interested in making even more of your time then please consider reading :

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