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How Can I Understand My Twin Flame? There Is Always a Doubt Inside Me.

Understanding our twin flame will involve some doubt. Why?

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Two enormous stones block our progress on the twin flame journey. One of these is doubt, and the other is curiosity. Yes, wondering is a harmful action when done too much in the 3D plane. But now let’s focus on doubt.

A few months ago, I received guidance from my intuition on a subject that I was having a lot of difficulty with. It was difficult to hear this guidance because it told me directly why I was confused. I am someone who cannot distinguish between the delusions coming from the mind and the enlightenment coming from intuition.

Although my intuition is very strong, I question the reality of the things that make me feel good. I pay more attention to anything that makes me feel bad. This is where I needed my higher self to protect me. Because I no longer had the strength or energy to deal with my mind.

I started working on separating my soul from my mind. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder know very well that the claws of the mind are very powerful in making something seem “real”. And once the mind tells you that something is “so,” you need to have a powerful belief and trust system to get out of that illusion. It is difficult not to think about the things that the mind wants to make you think about. Because the mind is controlling and always likes to be misleading about what intuition says.

In the twin flame journey, denial and doubt also require us to overcome many very difficult thoughts and behaviors. Here we must go through many ego checks to break the “habit of being ourselves”. Having self-control is not the same as the impact of mental patterns. Because mental patterns always give us a useless to-do list. Doing the things on this list without questioning will cause us to sacrifice part of our character. We realize much later that we have lost the original parts of ourselves.

Doubt about twin flames is normal. Because not doubting so many “supernormal” signs, feelings and events may be a sign that we are not twin flames. First of all, we must doubt, but we must trust the universe when it always shows us a response to what we doubt. If we continue to doubt, even when our doubts are clarified, it means we are still obeying our fears and the orders of our minds.

we cannot separate it from ourselves and develop a very strong attraction and obsession is our desire to understand ourselves.

When our intuitive channels are not strengthened, the only place we get stuck on the twin flame journey is the mind. We cannot hear any voice other than the voice of our ego. Our mind constantly tries to challenge us with the information it collects from everywhere. If we fail to reach our heart in the twin flame journey, doubt grows on top of our sense of fear. We always find something to blame.

This twin flame’s behavior, life, and everything they say seems fake. Because remember, when you blame things, you are still an extension of your mind. You are very far from your true self. Because you still haven’t gotten into your emotions. In this giant space here, you have not confronted your darkness, everything you have accumulated over the years. Your mind is holding you back from your freedom under the lie of “keeping your peace”.

How can I understand my twin flame? What’s the best way to do this?

I asked myself this many times and realized if the person I had known for years was the person I felt like. Notice the word “feel” here. “Knowing” someone is not the same as “feeling” someone. Because recognition is an event that develops over time and is shaped by mental information. The feeling is always there. Your feelings about that person come to you from your upper chakras and are separate from the first impression. Because even if you haven’t met someone, you can feel for that person. Our twin flame is one of those people we feel without knowing/seeing.

I could feel my twin flame without even knowing it. Because his presence has been with me since my childhood. I always felt someone’s energetic presence next to me. He wasn’t talking to me, he wasn’t communicating with me, I just always felt an extra source of love inside me. It was like a great and warm source of love sent to me by the divine.

Understanding someone requires being able to empathize with someone rather than being in harmony with that person’s feelings and thoughts. We have been living with our twin flame inside us for a very long time. The reason we cannot separate it from ourselves and develop a powerful attraction and obsession is our desire to understand ourselves. We just cannot internalize this desire. We are just trying to understand ourselves, but turning this desire for, understanding things we can see and touch, seems more practical and exciting to us.

However, look at yourself. There is a system of body, mind, soul, and thoughts that you have been living in for years. It shouldn’t be this difficult to reach our own needs and desires and be a little curious about ourselves.

If we try to understand ourselves, this energy will also reach our twin flame and it will try to understand itself. The conscious/unconscious effort of both people to understand themselves also creates great energy to understand each other. We receive their efforts to understand themselves from the energy field we share with our twin flame. And as they connect to our hearts, we feel their feelings within us.

This is something that requires a lot of practice. Because to get guidance from your intuition and your higher self, you must break the wall of the ego and treat whatever the mind says as “gossip”. And nothing can be trusted from someone who gossips about everyone.

Of course, we also have a curiosity obstacle here. At the beginning of the article, I mentioned how curiosity will be our enemy. I am a curious person by nature. I would mostly use it to learn something new. A healthy sense of curiosity already allows us to improve ourselves, but curiosity combined with the delusion of the mind will now turn into an obsession and will dig deeper into everything and make us suspicious. When curiosity is taken to an extreme, it begins to turn into a mental action.

That’s why we must understand ourselves to develop our intuition and connect to our hearts to receive accurate guidance. We develop our trust in our twin flame by understanding ourselves.

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