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There Once Was a Girl…

Photo by Charles Schuett on Unsplash

There once was a girl with Irish roots,

Who gamboled about in leggings and boots,

She danced and giggled and burped and sang,

And came to a halt when her cell phone rang:


“Could it be that it’s he — that it’s him that I love?”

“Could it be the one man who is hand to my glove?”

“Could it be that he loves me and wants me for life?”

“Could it be that he wishes us husband and wife?”


“It is I” said a voice when she answered the phone,

“And I’m tired of living my life all alone!”

“If you’ll just quit singing and dancing and such,”

“I’ll make you my wife — for I love you so much!”


And the girl is still dancing in leggings and boots,

And singing the songs that spring from her roots;

But her phone is no longer a song in her heart,

For she stomped it and kicked it and tore it apart!


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