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The Truth About Survival After Illness Is Never Easy

Empower yourself and be grateful, discover a way to love life again

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Let me share the desolation that giving up work, being at loose ends, and discovering a low point in life that I haven't experienced before, made me realize:

That after supporting so many others before while in healthcare to empower themselves, helping them become positive about themselves in their own lives, perhaps then you’d be correct in thinking I’d know how to sort myself out, wouldn’t you?

Trouble is, nurses are good at helping everybody else, just not themselves!

Sara Burdick, what do you think to this, because I’m sure out of everyone on Medium, that you can relate & know just what I mean with this?

Writing has provide me with that much needed empowerment, that new lease of life.

Would you like to help me along my journey of empowerment by supporting on KO-FI today, allowing me to keep plodding on?

Image created in CANVA by the author.

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