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The Power of Silence

Precious and rare

The beauty of silence is that it isn’t silent at all. But it’s the kind of noise that won’t demand instant attention and won’t evoke stressful feelings. I guess a more illuminated and enlightened person could be in silence in the middle of a busy household with screaming kids. For me, that’s not possible; my kids need only breath, and my whole body enters high alert mode. | © Image credit: Nanie Hurley 🌿 with MidjourneyCC-BY.

Silence is so precious!

I find it hard to achieve, though. Especially living in the city. Extra hard with two young kids around.

In silence, I can never say the wrong thing. No misunderstandings, worries or hurry. No pressure.

As an introvert, I miss having moments of quiet and silence. The stillness of doing nothing means everything.

For me, a moment of silence is to be appreciated, savoured, and never taken for granted.

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