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Parent Provides, Kid Decides: Fun Fact

What is a mom to do with broccoli bits?

Two half-eaten broccoli don’t make a whole broccoli! And don’t even try to cut it up — it won’t look like trees anymore… everybody knows dinosaurs eat trees. | © Image credit: Nanie Hurley 🌿 with CanvaCC-BY.

My three-year-old only eats the top of the broccoli.

The two-year-old only eats the bottom.

Of course, they refuse to eat each other’s broccoli remains.

“What if you cut up the broccoli before you give it to them?” asked a friend.

It doesn’t work, unfortunately. The only reason they eat broccoli is because it looks like a tree. And they are dinosaurs, of course.

Little kids don’t care for the nutritional value of food, but they do care if it looks fun or reminds them of a game.

I’ve learned with my picky eater that no pressure works better. No pressure, some games, and go with the flow. I provide what they eat and decide when they eat. They determine what they eat from what I give them and how much.

It’s fair, it’s hard. It’s parenting.

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