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The Next Peak

A rebirth

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Four years is a long time to ignore something.

Whether it’s a passion, a calling, or a publication.

Today, I’m rebirthing this publication, Summit, which sat idle all during COVID, as I focused on other things, including but not limited to a bachelor’s degree summa cum laude in Psychology and Global Indigenous Knowledge Systems. I also started a Masters’ program — an MS in Management and Leadership last year. I continue to set a reading goal for myself of 200 books a year. Some years I come close, others — not even. Just setting the goal has meant I’m consistently reading, listening, and perpetually expanding my mind.

I have found new work using my chef skills and hospitality skills, and surrounded myself with an amazing community of people that are in the process of turning my visions of a changed world into a reality — one in which diversity, equity and inclusion mean so much more than just a check box on a corporate to do list. It’s what all the people fussing and teaching about embodiment and somatics go on about.

It’s time for humans to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk — a phrase I used to hear all the time inside IBM when I worked there, and so seldom understood. You can’t learn what you don’t witness.

This work I do now is happening through the 501(c)3 non-profit I founded called the Garden of Neuro Institute. The institute is an incubator space for women’s voice, agency and leadership skills. With a curriculum written and curated by a team of women globally, we engage in many projects that are both for women exclusively as well as all-gender inclusive.

I’ve been busy. It was easy to temporarily shelve a publication while focusing on my main favorite children — MuddyUm and Contemplate.

This year, along with MuddyUm editors’ support, I launched an initiative to bring together writers — across multiple genres and disciplines, to gather in community, create and write, at the largest holistic learning center in North America.

Writing to Be Read | eomega.org

Today though, I’m focusing on resurrecting this publication, which I’ve rebranded and renamed, simply — Summit.

I’d like to introduce a writer new to Medium, with their first Summit submission here.

Mal Lusin gives us a short take on the phrase, “Know Thyself.”

I hope to introduce new writers here in each newsletter. If you know of or find a writer who may seem to be a good fit in our community of writers, let me know — add your voice. We learn and grow through mentorship in community. Let’s keep building that.

Why do I keep influencing writers and editors on Medium? What’s YOUR why?

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