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20th — 26th November

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Hi Everyone,

And welcome to this the final week of autumn!

Another season has rolled by and while autumn, or fall, always feels like one of the quickest, it also brings with it so many opportunities for self reflection and personal growth.

The changes in the outside world with the return to work and school after a long summer, the new academic year and the riot of colours on display in the natural world, all prompt us to experience our own changes in a more immediate way.

The season also brings that sense of getting ready, busily needing to prepare for the winter ahead, even though most of us live within easy access of 24–7 conveniences that have negated the need for any urgency.

So, what wisdoms has this season brough to your door? What do you see differently now than you need on three short months ago?

I invite you to reflect on the natural world around you. All its visual beauty and the sights and sounds present as it transitions to winter. what emotions does it conjure up for you? Do you feel a sadness as the last leaves fall or is there an underlining eagerness for the joys of winter?

What are your fondest memories of autumn, both this year and in year’s past? What traditions do you still uphold, and how do you mark time for yourself?

Do you agree that Autumn is the season that teaches us change can be beautiful, or do you crave the security in things staying the same?

Autumn whispered to the wind,

“I fall; but always rise again.”

Angie Weiland-Crosby

As always, you can respond to the current week or to any of the previous invitation whenever the muse strikes, the aim is always to provide an unexpected pathway to fill that blank page and just see where your writing wants to take you for a change instead of you leading it. Also remember that the prompts are completely optional, you can submit work on any topic covered by the toolbar headings of the publication at any time.

Whenever inspiration arrives please bear in mind that all styles of writing are welcomed, be it poetry, prose, or fiction. However, please turn your pm notification on so we can talk through any suggestions before I publish your work.

So, set your pen free, get writing and have some fun.

And last of all, if you are submitting a response to a prompt, please include the tag ‘prompt’ when sending it and remember to take a look through the submission guidelines before you hit submit!

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