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The Affair With My Daughter’s Boyfriend (Series Index)

It all started with him bending me over the kitchen table while my husband and daughter were out.

You’ve heard it all before: ungrateful husband in a dead bedroom. A bratty daughter who treats her mom like shit. What is a woman to do? Not much, unless the daughter’s boyfriend has the hots for you!

In this series, Mrs T finds herself fantasising about her daughter’s boyfriend as he chops wood outside. When she opens her eyes, he’s no longer there. Instead, he’s right behind her, ready to give her the pounding of her life.

Evan finds himself intoxicated by her voluptuous mom bod curves. Their illicit affair continues as he fucks her while they watch her husband and daughter outside.

Their relationship escalates as he sneaks out of her daughter's room and spends the night enjoying her in the guest bedroom. All the while, her husband and daughter are fast asleep.

What will happen next? Is their affair doomed, or will Evan’s infatuation with Mrs T cause them to engage in even riskier sexual behaviour?

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Series Parts

Part 1: while I fantasise about him, he comes up behind me without a word.

Part 2: a risky fuck while my husband and daughter are right outside the house.

Part 3: Evan takes it further, sleeping with me while my husband and daughter are down the hall.

Age Gap Erotica
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