I Slept With My Daughter’s Boyfriend

I couldn’t resist his charming compliments

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I sipped my coffee and watched Evan, my daughter’s boyfriend, chopping wood in the backyard. His jeans strained against his ass as he lifted the axe and brought it down with a crack. He took his shirt off and tossed it onto the table before continuing. I felt a little dirty perving over him. But why not? It’s not like my husband made any effort anymore. I couldn’t even remember the last time we had sex. And I probably had to bribe him into it.

“Argh!” Evan exclaimed as he cracked another big log in half.

I couldn’t help but wonder what he was like in bed. Whether he was as rough with the other person as he was with those logs. I felt a little jealous of Megan.

“Enjoying the show, Mom?” Megan said, tearing me from my daydream.

“Uh, what?” I stuttered, almost spilling my coffee.

“You have an audience, Evan,” Megan quipped as she made her way to him.

Evan turned around. I felt my face going red.

“I don’t mind. Hey, Mrs. T,” he said.

“Hey, Evan,” I said. “Good job with the wood. Benjamin will be pleased.”

“You’re Dad’s favorite boyfriend I’ve ever had,” Megan said.

She leaned over to kiss him. I could see the outline of her thong from under her skin-tight leggings. Evan grabbed a handful of her petite ass and kissed her back.

“No kissing on the job,” Benjamin boomed as he joined us outside.

Evan pulled his hand off Megan’s ass.

“Sorry, sir,” he said.

“Leave them, Ben, they’re in love,” I said.

“Mom’s being weird, I caught her watching Evan,” Megan said.

Little bitch.

“You like old ladies watching you, son?” Ben said to Evan.

“Old ladies?!” I exclaimed. “I’m barely fifty!”

“Sir, if Megan turns out to look like her mom one day, I’ll be a lucky man,” Evan said.

My heart raced. A compliment to me and an insult to Ben at the same time. He knew how to get my stomach in flutters.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s boring when they’re older. You enjoy being young,” Benjamin said.

“Respectfully, I have to disagree, sir,” he said, staring past Ben at me.

“Respectfully, shut up and chop that wood,” he said.

“Can we go, Dad?” Megan said.

“Get in the truck. We’ll be back soon, need to get some stuff in town for tomorrow night,” Ben said.

I watched as they drove off.

“Let me take your shirt in before it gets wet out here,” I said.

“Thanks, Mrs. T,” Evan said.

He turned around and continued his chopping.

I went into the kitchen holding his shirt. I brought it up to my face, smelling his manly scent on it. I felt a tingling down my spine.

“You’re going to hell for this,” I chuckled to myself.

I leaned against the table, his shirt in my face. With my free hand, I pulled my dress up and slipped my hand inside my panties. The chopping outside continued.





“Uhmm,” I moaned.

My lips were thick and wet. The chat outside was enough to get me in the mood. I imagined Evan’s toned body as I slipped a finger inside myself. The chopping outside had stopped.

“Shit,” I gasped, biting down on his shirt.

My palm slapped against my mound.

Suddenly I felt hands gripping both arms.

“Hey!” I exclaimed, the shirt falling out of my mouth.

“Shhh,” he said.

I lifted my head and stared outside. Evan was no longer there.

“Are you…” I started, but he grabbed my ponytail and kept my head facing forward.

I felt him lifting my dress before yanking my wet panties to my feet. I stared down, watching him pick it up. My face turned red, knowing he would feel my wetness on it.

I heard a fumbling behind me until something hard pressed against my pussy from behind.

“I don’t think we should do this,” I whispered.

I whimpered as his tip pressed between my swollen cunt lips.

“Ah, fuck,” I stuttered, feeling his thick erection squeezing into me.

He dug his fingers into my soft hips, pulled himself out and shoved himself back inside. I moaned, feeling his youthful cock stretching me wide. I clenched my teeth as his fingers dug deeper into my flesh. He started fucking me hard, slamming me into the table with each powerful thrust.

“You’re, so, fucking, hot,” he chanted each time he pounded me.

He was even more vicious with my body than he was with the axe outside. Evan reached around and ripped my dress open before jerking my bra up. He grabbed both tits as they flopped out. Evan continued fucking me from behind as he groped my breasts and teased my nipples.

Flup! Flup! Flup!

I could feel my ass bouncing each time he rammed me.

“Uh, ah, ah!” I cried out as an intense orgasm tore through my body.

“I’m cumming,” he grunted.

The next moment his girthy cock throbbed inside me. It exploded, sending reams of hot cum deep into my core. He continued slamming himself into me until he filled me with every drop he had.

Evan pulled out with a loud squelch. I tried to keep my body upright, my breathing fast and ragged.

“Evan,” I whispered.

I turned around. He was gone. And so were my panties.


I stared out the window. He was back at it, harder than ever.

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