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SMART Goals Are Dumb — Do This Instead

A preview from my Ultimate Goal-Setting Guide for 2024 and Beyond

A month and some change have flown by, and everything seems to point to another fast-paced year.

With that being said, how are your SMART-driven goals coming along?

Not great, I assume.

That’s because SMART goals are dumb — they simply don’t work when considering today’s complex environments, the fast pace of work, and the emerging demands of life. SMART goals are remnants of a bygone era.

Instead, aim to set goals along a hierarchy.

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Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP): your guiding light.

High, Hard Goals: outcome goals that take months to years to accomplish — directly tied to MTP.

Process goals: weekly and daily recurring actions that lead to high, hard goals. Also, builds your character.

Clear goals: daily to-do list.

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