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Decision Making

See This Coin? I’m Going to Flip It…

Heads or Tails… Your choice… Call it in the air… Ready?

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I used to help run a program in Colorado Springs, doing work in men’s recovery. These guys were climbing their way out of addictions, abuse, or anger issues.

Without this program, they would live on the streets or in a tent along the river.

They were all good guys at their core but were working through things. I was there to assist them in the breakthroughs.

This one guy, high-energy and full of positive vibes, couldn’t get out of his head when it came to decisions. He had two excellent work opportunities: one local and the other in Denver. They were similar jobs.

We discussed the pros and cons. Each city and job had plenty of potential good and potential evil.

My questions were not getting him any closer to a decision, and I could tell he was getting agitated.

I pulled out a coin and showed it to him. “Heads, you go to Denver - Tails, you stay here in ‘the springs.’ Call it in the air. Ready?”

I flipped the coin. He called Tails. I caught the coin and put it in my pocket.

He gasped. “What did you do?!” Was it Heads or Tails?”

It didn’t matter. He called Tails. That was the choice he hoped for.

He took a step back, shook his head, then gave me a big hug!

A few weeks later, he told me any time he felt trapped by indecision; he would do that to help himself decide.

Are you in the midst of a tough decision? Head or Tails? Call it in the air.

Go with your gut.

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