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Read These for your Christmas “Holly” Jollys

Spicy seasonal stories to tuck in your stocking

I read something interesting on my ‘X’ feed today, and to quote Justin Lehmiller [Social psychologist, sex researcher, author, and Kinsey Institute Research Fellow]:

All of the evidence points to a brief bump in sexual activity in December. We see this in terms of increases in condom sales, Google searches about sex, conception rates, STD rates, and more.

I felt a sense of duty to share seasonal stories with my followers to add some festive ‘tingle’ to whatever jingle you already have going on.

Apart from the extra ‘goodwill’ that often runs through people’s veins as the 25th approaches, end-of-year parties provide excuses to dress alluringly and make a play for the person who’s been fascinating us all year. Position yourself under the mistletoe and invite a kiss from an admirer. If you’ve wondered where that tradition came from — I checked that out too!

Historically, mistletoe represents romance, fertility, and vitality, and the druids valued its healing properties. In Greece it was part of the marriage ceremony. In Britain, a tradition of kissing under the mistletoe became established during the 18th century; echoing those ancient rites. It became folklore that a single girl not so kissed would remain unwed for another year.

Image by Victoria on Pixabay

Daizy Dennis wrote a scorcher of a scene for Tantalizing Tales — the magazine where I am editor. It’s just as panty-melting as one could hope for, between two strangers who have been denying their attraction to each other for too long.

My Hot Neighbour Was my Christmas Present He only popped round with the cards and box of chocolates. He did it every year. How come I’d only just noticed my neighbour was so damn hot?

Maybe there’s a hint of magic to Kiki Wellington’s tale, with a female protagonist determined to slake her carnal thirst before the clock strikes midnight.

Window Undressing A Christmas surprise

You’ll be agog to find out what happens in A.M. Harding’s ‘recollections’ of a highly inflammatory corporate Christmas party. Depicting a single guy and an alluring, married temptress, with an exhibitionist nature.

A Ride at the Christmas Party She tasted divine, and the scent served only to exacerbate the throbbing in my groin

Hardison Parker’s title tells you all you need about the premise of his spicy Christmas story.

The Christmas Threesome What else do you get the guy who has everything?

This is my sparkling, festive listicle, please excuse me for rounding it off with a story I wrote — Instalove where a woman hooks up with a rugged colleague, despite the danger of imminent discovery.

Christmas Cracker [1of 2] At her work’s Christmas party, Melanie decides to indulge in a revenge ‘ride’

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