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The author reflects on personal religious disillusionment, advocating for a life guided by kindness and compassion rather than strict biblical doctrine, and finds solace in the teachings of Sinead O'Connor's Muslim faith and the joy of family.


The author shares a deeply personal journey of grappling with faith after a period of intense prayer and reflection following a family tragedy. Initially seeking comfort in the bible and the figure of Mary, the author ultimately distances themselves from traditional religious practices, criticizing the church for promoting guilt and control. Instead, they embrace a more personal and compassionate approach to spirituality, influenced by Sinead O'Connor's journey and her book "Rememberings." The author now values unconditional love, freedom from guilt, and the celebration of life's moments over structured religious observance.


  • The author expresses a loss of faith in the bible due to its inability to provide comfort after a personal loss and its role in instilling guilt.
  • There is a strong critique of the church's teachings on sexuality and its use of shame as a means of social control.
  • The author believes that religious texts are outdated and contradictory.
  • Sinead O'Connor's Muslim faith and her book "Rememberings" are seen as positive influences, promoting kindness and compassion.
  • The author advocates for living authentically and finding spirituality in everyday life and personal experiences rather than through religious institutions.
  • The author suggests that church leaders are more focused on financial gain than genuinely believing in or practicing the teachings of their faith.
  • There is a call for balance in religious practice, with an emphasis on genuine belief and adaptability.
  • The author encourages others to explore their own spiritual paths, free from the constraints of traditional religious doctrine.

Marian hopes and dreams dashed: how the bible misled me…

I still love Mary but only read the bible sparingly now…

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash Statue of Mary honouring her God

Ave Maria, Dominus tecum, Benedictus y en mulieribus

Read for free here and Mary blessings be upon you!

After my dad had his strokes in 2016, I was so lost and without purpose that I became like Forest Gump and walked every day for 10–12 miles praying the rosary using my ten fingers all around my city aptly named Santa Maria literally Holy Mary it means for days on end for years until one day I stopped praying and walking altogether…

The bible doesn’t prepare you for when you lose the one person in this life who loved you unconditionally from day one up until passing into eternal excellence, it damns you and makes your life one big heavy blanket of guilt…

This is where I am in my religious abuse recovery…

Having days like today where all the guilt is gone for a little while away from the confines of a building where they beg for money and rarely give it back and teach things like masturbation is wrong and premarital sex is the devil’s’ playground and all that cockeymania…

It is used to control and manipulate society is what I am finding in my social experiments around psychology of the family and other interventions to help others without using the bible as a weapon to get what I want from all my loved ones…

Instead what I got today was unconditional love, no lectures and bliss watching my granddaughter ride her new tricycle around the living room so happy to be playing instead of cooped up for hours in a building where they say only God lives and can be worshiped…

It is like a business gone wrong! What are they selling anyway except shame and guilt over natural inclinations to explore our wonderful bodies and minds?

Salvation is free!

Well I got new for you, yes God is at your churches but much more interested in how you live your life the rest of the damn week, how we treat our kids, how we look for answers to life’s many challenging questions…

This is the way we live now and holidays have never been better!

Here’s some killer church music I play at my home today!

“inject yourself with liberty, salvation salvation salvation is free, salvation is free, ahahahhahhahahahahahah…”

The religion of kindness and compassion should rule our hearts and homes and minds!

Not some book that is outdated and contradictory at the finest.

I have read the bible from cover to cover almost twice and instead of finding answers I just had more questions…

Until last year when Sinead O’Connor aka ShahaDa died of a broken heart after her son passed into eternal excellence from suicide. So sad!

Luckily she found solace a few years prior in her Muslim Faith and name change to honor how she viewed her God…

I now treat her book, Rememberings, as my bible’

It is filled with kindness and compassion and is very funny too!

People who lived their life as if God does exist is how I choose to live my life now and every day out on and on being myself along the way and living through the spirit of my dreams….

More church music!

Peace to all!

Michelle Mariscal aka Marie {Mary in French}

Jesus the savior is here!

“I don’t remember when this offense begun…” Dolores O’Riordan late lead singer of the Cranberries who also did sing for the Vatican and it was beautiful but I prefer her rocking out in black and grunge! It fits her much more but nice she adapted her usual crazy energetic concerts for religion which is possible…

There can be a balance maybe if people in charge of the churches really started believing in God and not just fattening their wallets!


oh yeah!

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