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Lie, Lye, and Lay

While the dragon is up and about, let’s talk about lie, lye, and lay.

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If you lie to me, I will send my Dragon to breath fire and smoke, but I would never burn you with lye.

On the other hand, if you choose to lay on the bed, please remind me that you are not a hen. Or some other kind of bird, or even an echidna. An egg laying mammal. Because that would be weird.

Hens lay.

People lie — on a bed.

People also lie, when they are not telling the truth.

People also can be lying on a bed. But not laying on a bed. Except as aforementioned. Except when it was yesterday, and your lying on the bed became “I lay on the bed”

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The lazy lion was lying on the bank of the river. The crocodile lay next to him. The lioness had lain next to the lion, but she got up when the Zebra came.

The ostrich was laying her eggs and hoped they would be laid and she could leave, completely unnoticed by any of them.

She being descended from a dinosaur, we thought you would like to see their eggs, too. But they were laid millions of years ago.

Word games.

Dinosaur Eggs — credit Pixabay

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