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It’s 12.30 April Fools’ Day

I’ve survived being fooled today

A candid shot — she hated it — payback

Katy Lin wants us to tell of a prank that happened to us on April Fools’ Day.

I was fully expecting an April Fools’ joke to be played on me this morning. When the phone rang at 8.17am, I prepared myself for “I’ve gone into labour. Come quickly,” but instead she said, “ I was up all night with heartburn. I read two of your Easter stories. They weren’t the entire story and they were terribly written.”

I’ve got a thick skin when it comes to things my kids say to me but this really hurt. I could have retorted, “ At least I write!” but of course, I didn’t.

She then proceeds to tell me part of the story that I wasn’t aware of and send me a TikTok video of a young American couple who spent $27,597 on their two kids aged 4 and 1. Christi Fritz has 52,000 likes and 2,936 comments on this video. I just read a few comments. People are not supporting this kind of materialistic behaviour. I shudder!

Here are the stories that were terribly written. They’re just little comments about my Easter. Oh, and I could have given them “more interesting titles”.

At least I didn’t rush off to find her having a morning coffee and cigarette ( I’m joking, she doesn’t smoke) and calling me, “ Big April Fool!”

She got me good on Good Friday, three days early. “Come down for breakfast. Carl’s cooked salmon and poached eggs on toast and I’ve made coffee.” I didn’t want it cold so I hightailed it down to her place in my nightie. I waltzed in (more like hobbled) looking around for my breakfast.

“ Oh, I’m sorry. Caelin chucked a tantrum and knocked your whole plate on the floor and Phoenix ate the lot.” My face dropped. “But here’s your coffee.”

Then she pulls my breakfast out of the microwave where she had hidden it, and yells BIG APRIL FOOL!

I thought quickly and replied, “but it’s not April yet.”

I hope you enjoy my stories more than my daughter does.

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