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It Was More Than a Sanctuary

It was the end of civilization

Today’s random word is Observed.

Michelle_Raponi on Pixabay

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It was a unique zoo, unlike any other seen in the world.

The humans entered the sanctuary and then shuffled into a massive enclosed forum, spending the day building, creating, and playing in playgrounds. In this zoo, the people were the observed, not the spectators.

As the humans fell ill from heat, exhaustion, and burden, the wildlife flourished from the outside looking in.

At the zoo laboratory’s head office, gate side, the head marine mammal took his targeted shot, aimed at annihilating all humankind.

The experiment failed, and when the world ended, the only one to blame was Hugh Manatee.

You know what they say. Never play around with humanity.

Nancy Oglesby writes, “If you are unfamiliar with a drabble, it is a fiction story of exactly 100 words.”

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