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I Started a Social Media Side Hustle Without Showing My Face

How to make money with faceless social media accounts

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Faceless YouTube has been pretty popular lately. I’ve also heard about faceless Instagram. But, I’m talking about faceless TikTok in this article. It’s how I started a social media side hustle without showing my face.

I’m a big fan of faceless social media because it allows you to express yourself and share your message without having to show your face.

Why is that a big deal?

Some people are shy, introverted, or they don’t want the internet to see their face for privacy or other reasons.

Setting up a faceless social media account is the perfect solution to that. And, there are so many ways to create faceless content…

This is how I launched my TikTok side hustle without showing my face…

I started a faceless TikTok account

When the pandemic was starting here in the U.S., TikTok was exploding. I downloaded the app to my phone and started checking out the content.

I thought it was just dancing videos but, I was wrong and soonafter I was hooked.

Then I thought, why not set up an account for my business. And so, I did! It started by me sharing my blog posts from Millennial Nextdoor and creating helpful videos about how people could earn a side hustle.

I experimented with other kinds of content and videos too, all without showing my face.

Within a year I had 50K followers! Now, three years later, I have nearly 100K active social media followers on that account and several other faceless TikTok accounts in other niches.

What have I gained from getting on faceless social media?

There are many perks…

  • Make money
  • Find your audience
  • Sell products
  • Networking and business opportunities

I got to share my message with others online. I found my audience on TikTok. I make money from faceless social media accounts and I get opportunities to be featured on podcasts, in publications, to join in on joint venture opportunities, and more.

It’s been so successful, I wrote a book about it!

Then, I went on to launch a mastermind on Facebook, which is going extremely well. It’s closed right now but, it will reopen in the very near future.


What’s the point of sharing all this? I just want to say that if you want to get on social media but, scared to show your face. Now, you don’t have to be!

There are tons of ways to get on social while being faceless!

Read more about how faceless TikTok works and my adventures creating nearly a dozen different accounts on the platform in my reading list below.

Do you have a faceless social media account?

Would you create one and if so, what would you hope to accomplish with it?

Not into faceless social media? No worries. What about digital marketing? Grab my free ebook to learn how this side gig makes me a full-time passive income on part-time hours.

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