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How to use the Stock Image Synthesizer AI to reinvigorate stale content with fresh visuals

Say goodbye to image frustrations and hi to free images!

Picture this: you’ve found the perfect stock image but it’s on a paid site. You’ve already got subscriptions elsewhere and don’t want another one! What do you do? Settle for another pic? But you really loved that image…

Or perhaps it’s time to give an old article a makeover, or you’re sick of seeing the same old images everywhere (I’m looking at you, Unsplash).

Now, imagine if you could generate a similar, but original, new image in seconds, without the cost. That’s why I used Chat GPT to build the Stock Image Synthesizer — your new accomplice in digital image duplication! It’s also a great way to inspire images if you struggle to come up with prompts.

Picture perfect

Using Dalle-3 and ChatGPT, the Stock Image Synthesizer is designed to understand and interpret key elements of any uploaded image — style, subject, lighting, and more — and generate a similar but original image.

It uses image-to-image prompting (the first image is the input for the generated image). I often do this using Midjourney and the /describe function, however this differs from that process in that it’s chat based.

A Closer Look at the Process

  1. Upload and Analyze: Start by uploading your image. The Custom GPT takes a careful look, noting style, ratio, and other characteristic details.
  2. Match and Create: Based on your image, it works its magic, creating a new, unique image that still retains the style and vibe of your original.
  3. Precision Matters: If something’s not quite right, chat until it’s correct!

Let’s see it in action:

Scenario One: The Mythic Quest

Imagine you have a presentation on Greek mythology due, and you’ve stumbled upon an awe-inspiring poster from The Clash of the Titans. The image is dynamic, filled with heroism and mythic creatures. But alas, it’s too easily recognisable. Here’s where the Stock Image Synthesizer helps.

With the Stock Image Synthesizer, you can upload this classic image and reforge it, maintaining the epic atmosphere while even introducing new elements or a modern twist. Let’s relocate the characters and set it against a backdrop of a high-tech cityscape, bringing the ancient tale into a new era:

Scenario Two: The Future is Now

Next, consider a futuristic photo of a young man, light casting futuristic glows upon his face, a hinting at a merge of human and technology. This image could be perfect for your next tech blog, but it’s behind a paywall.

Source on the left, synthesized version on the right. Both images are mine.

Upload this image to the Stock Image Synthesizer, and watch as it generates an original image that retains the futuristic vibe, the interplay of light and shadow, and the contemplative mood, all while giving you a fresh image that speaks volumes about the fusion of humanity with advancing tech.

With a bit of fine-tuning in chat, I pushed it even further into new directions for another striking look

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Scenario Three: Revitalizing Video Content with Tailored Imagery

In a recent article I penned on UX Planet, “How to make AI assisted videos you can script and publish in 30 seconds with InVideo AI and ChatGPT,” I explored the convenience of combining AI scripting and video production.

However, while InVideo AI impressively scripts and produces videos, it sometimes relies heavily on stock images, which can feel repetitive and impersonal. To counter this, I employed the Stock Image Synthesizer, infusing new life into the visuals and making each video captivating.

This approach not only avoided the overuse of common stock images but ensured that the video’s visuals are precisely aligned with the narrative, enhancing the viewer’s engagement and the video’s overall authenticity.

With a bit more chat, I further refined the image to the one I ultimately used in the video.

Ready to explore how combining the Stock Image Synthesizer with InVideo AI can enhance your video content? Check out the full article on UX Planet for my step-by-step guidance on producing AI-assisted videos in seconds:

Scenario Four: Turn that frown upside down

We’ve all been there. You find an image that’s almost what you need, but just not quite. With the Stock Image Synthesizer, you have the power to transform and adapt. Need a specific style or color scheme? Just ask it!

My custom GPT is an easy way to edit and reinterpret images. Here is a quirky librarian with a frown, thumbs down, and tongue sticking out.

Using the Stock Image Synthesizer, I transformed the image into a near-identical one conveying a positive and enthusiastic vibe. The synthesized version features the same character, but this time with the gender flipped, an infectious smile, and giving a thumbs-up. The essence of the character’s whimsy is maintained, while the mood is completely flipped. This changes the emotional direction of the image and demonstrates the versatility of the Stock Image Synthesizer GTP in adapting to the tone of your content.

Tips for Getting the Best Results from Stock Image Synthesizer

  • Be clear about what you need: The more details you provide, the better.
  • Play with variations: Don’t hesitate to experiment. Sometimes, the second or third try gives you that ‘wow’ image.
  • Feedback is key: Got an image that’s almost right but not quite? Give the synthesizer feedback in chat, and it will keep fine-tuning the image.
  • Be open. Don’t be afraid to follow it down unexpected creative paths.

The Marvel of Modifying Art with AI:

In a previous project, I built the popular Comic Copycat GPT, a nifty tool that turns existing comics into new, original strips. This was to address a need I saw where people were just recycling the same old cartoons, often without giving proper credit to the original creators. With Comic Copycat GPT, users can infuse their own creativity and perspective into existing comic, leading to fresh and original content that reinvents the original.

This concept aligns perfectly with the ethos of the Stock Image Synthesizer — both are about reimagining and reinventing existing visual content. Just like the Stock Image Synthesizer, the Comic Copycat thrives on user input and creativity. Whether you’re modifying a punchline, changing a setting, or playing with characters, these tools share a common ground — they let you take the reins and transform images into something uniquely yours.

Why the Stock Image Synthesizer Should Be Your Sidekick

  • Efficiency: No more endless searching for ‘the one’ perfect image. Get what you need, when you need it, with a few clicks and a sample image.
  • Originality: Ditch the cookie-cutter visuals of free stock images. Your content deserves images that are as unique and engaging as your ideas.
  • Flexibility: Whether you’re looking to adjust the narrative, setting, or characters of an image, the synthesizer bends it to your creative brief.

Why Being Adaptable With Visual Content Matters:

Having the ability to quickly and effectively modify images is invaluable. It allows content creators to stay relevant, respond to changing moods and trends, and keep their images fresh. Stop settling for boring stock images that ‘might work’ and start creating the perfect image that definitely does.

Ready to refresh your visuals? Give the Stock Image Synthesizer GTP a go:

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