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How I Grew From 0 Followers to Over 300.

It's taken a little over two years, but progress is progress, no matter the time frame.

Some people may say this has taken too long. Others may say this is an unbelievable feat.

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I wanted to share how I've grown and my journey on Medium because I want to encourage anyone new to this platform, or is new at anything, or who feels they are struggling.

Everyone's journey is different — this may not even be the platform where you succeed.

Yes, some people have gathered thousands of followers in a matter of months and are exploding.

It's great to look at those writers for motivation and learn what's important for growth from them.

But do not make the mistake of comparing your journey to theirs and discourage yourself from continuing because your growth is not as explosive as theirs.

Your journey is yours, and you will go through your own challenges and obstacles that will shape you into the writer you need to be to have a large following and the results that come with it.

The time frame in which this happens will also be different. It may take a few years. It may take longer than that.

The point is you will get there if you continue to show up.

That said, here's how I've grown my page from 0 followers to over 300.

Continuing to show up even when I question myself.

I do not have absolute, unwavering faith.

What can I say? I'm human, and sometimes, I question if what I'm doing is worth it.

But that's not the point of faith.

I show up even when I'm not sure what will happen in the future because I still believe I'm meant for something.

Whether on this platform or another, I continue to write and publish because I believe the way I'm meant to share my thoughts and ideas with the world is through the written word.

I also continue to show up because, in the past, I've quit way too soon simply because I didn't see or get the results I thought I should have.

So many times, we quit because we think we've worked hard or done enough to start seeing some form of result from the effort we've put in thus far.

But the truth is, we don't get to determine how we're compensated for our efforts. I believe that's for God to decide.

After all, He only gives you more when you're ready to handle more.

There have been plenty of times when I wanted more, but I've realized God knew I wasn't ready for it yet.

Focusing on my love for writing and sharing my thoughts.

Yes, I hope to make a living or a decent chunk of change from writing.

When will that happen? I have no clue.

I can't control my stats, so the only activity I can focus on is writing.

Which is the point of doing all of this work in the first place.

All of us start something because of the love we have for it. But along the way, it gets tainted, or we get distracted by money, views, likes, etc.

We see others succeed and tell the tales of their accomplishments. We get jaded because we think we've worked just as hard and deserve similar results.

But as I said earlier, your journey is your own.

And as I also said before, we do not get to choose the timeframe in which we see the results we're looking for.

That's why it's important, especially at the start or when we're struggling, to remind ourselves of our love for what we do and that the money, opportunities, and results will come eventually.

There's no rush. We have a lifetime to make all of these things happen.

Enjoying the journey rather than focusing on an imagined destination.

We have a lifetime to achieve all these goals.

We get so enamored by the destination we create in our minds, the results, that we think we're headed for.

But the moment things start to get difficult or plans don't pan out the way we hoped, we get discouraged.

When we're discouraged, we think we're not meant for this; other times, we think this can't be the way to accomplish our dreams.

We either give up altogether or move our focus to the next shiny thing that promises to be the answer to our prayers.

Both of these are unhelpful.

In the two years I've been writing on this platform, I've learned to be patient with this process and focus on enjoying every aspect because that's where my stories will come from.

The struggles, challenges, and victories that I face are the foundation of my writing.

The inspiration for why I write is life itself.

So why am I going to rush to get to this imagined destination?

Why do we want to skip the work it takes to get there?

The answer is we want to avoid going through the struggle.

But the reason we get inspired, the reason we get motivated, and choose to continue forward is because someone else overcame similar struggles.

I'm learning to fall in love with the struggles because I will build my dream out of them.

Trusting God and this process.

The point of faith is to keep going despite not knowing.

And that's what I'm choosing to do. I believe God has a plan for me through writing.

But that plan will not come to fruition if I give up now because things aren't happening the way I want.

I know there's a lot to learn for me to become the writer I want to be.

The process that I'm going through right now will help me get there.

I choose to believe that one day, I will reach unimaginable goals with my writing.

I choose to believe this is all for something greater than anything I could imagine.

To this day, I don't know exactly who I have reached with my writing. And that's part of the point.

We don't always get to know who we've impacted or influenced in some way.

I want to think I've positively impacted someone's life — and that right there is my primary motivator to keep pushing forward.

It's been over two years, and here I am, still writing, coming up with ideas and topics that are interesting but important to discuss.

Here I am still dreaming that one day, my writing will reach many more people and help them make better decisions that will change their lives.

This is how I've grown my page. I hope this helps you on your writing journey as well.

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