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Holiday Hot Tub

There is nothing wrong with new traditions…

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Holiday Hot Tub

No hustle and bustle for me Gifts for Aspen under the tree

Coffee cake and veggie scramble delight Everything felt calm and bright

Fire was lit I read and edited for a bit

Then, it was time for some sun and hot tub fun

Cold air and hot bubbles Melted away all my troubles

The steam over the water was dreamy Couldn’t believe it was the end of December, and I was in my bikini

Author’s Photo from her hot tub

I hope everyone who celebrated had a warm and wonderful Christmas. Mine was the best I have had in years, albeit unconventional. Now I am so unbelievably excited to go pick up my lil’ love nugget, Aspen today. I have a two-and-a-half-hour drive, so I must not delay. Have no fears; I will be writing more about this special pup soon as she will become a working therapy dog helping out in local battered women’s shelters to comfort those in need after a bit of proper training.

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