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The author, a gamer, discusses the challenges and benefits of his gaming hobby within his marriage, where his wife has no interest in gaming.


The author shares his experience of being married to a non-gamer wife and how their differing interests affect their relationship. He highlights a time when his excessive gaming caused issues in their relationship, but they were able to resolve it. He also mentions that his wife has played games before but has no interest in console or desktop games. The author expresses his desire for them to play games together as a bonding activity and suggests "It Takes Two" as a potential game. He also acknowledges his wife's concern about his gaming habits, particularly when he neglects his health or responsibilities due to gaming. Despite the challenges, the author concludes that their relationship is stable and that gaming is not a significant issue, as long as he manages his time and priorities effectively.


Help! My Wife Is Not a Gamer

What does my wife think about the gamer inside of me?

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I have been in a good relationship with my wife for six and a half years. And this year, in September, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.

A difference between us is that I love games, but she has no interest in them whatsoever. She says she doesn’t like them when I invite her to learn and join me.

I don’t know if I’ll ever understand this. How can someone not like something they’ve never tried?

Oh well! The only time she played games was before we had children. We both had a game on our phones that involved being in the same alliance and completing objectives together.

She enjoyed it at that time. Many times, she remembers it and says how great it was. But when it comes to desktop or console games, NEVER!

Is this a problem for me?

Not necessarily! But I am sure that if we play the same game, it would be quality time for us. Don’t you think?

But I’m sure things will be okay in that regard. Especially because we discussed it again a few days ago, and she said we would give it a try.

After all, it’s not a big deal. It might help her break out of her routine.

By the way, the game ‘It Takes Two’ could be a good option for this.


Does she have any problem with the fact I am playing games?

She doesn’t have a problem with me playing games, not at all.

The problem is when, or rather, I am in trouble when I exaggerate. I mean those moments when I wrongly prioritize games, or I neglect my health because of them.

Well, now don’t think of some drama.

You know how wives, in their emotions and their ability to feel, sometimes make a big deal out of nothing.

But anyway, I can’t ask her to ‘understand’ my obsession/addiction/pleasure, or whatever it may be.

Games at the beginning of our relationship

The biggest issue with games occurred at the beginning of our relationship. Due to them, I wasn’t giving her enough attention. Until one day, when she told me that if I didn’t make a change, she would end the relationship.

Oops! Lucian do something!

And I have done! Changes were made. They happened!

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be married to her, and I wouldn’t have two kids now.

My beautiful family! Credits to Elena Zamfir

In a relationship, it’s not about changing yourself completely.

It’s about adapting to each other’s needs, unique and crazy behavior too.

It is especially vital when the goal is the relationship’s growth and stability; a conclusion comes when honesty and communication are its strengths.

We often discuss such matters. Even during tense moments when she calls me immature for still playing games, she knows and understands that it’s something I enjoy.

Similarly, I understand the need to manage this pleasure and care for them in all aspects.

Since the beginning, we established that I wouldn’t completely change the gamer inside me. It’s not something I want, as long as my responsibilities as a father and husband are where they should be.

And she understood! And it stayed that way!

Even though it took some time for her to realize that League of Legends is an online game, I can’t pause it whenever I want.

Final Thoughts

Things are still great, even if they weren’t at the beginning.

But every beginning can be tricky.

Until we adapt and understand the environment we’re in and until we come to understand each other.

I can’t wait to write about her first League of Legends match! That day will be extraordinary. Until then, let’s see how ‘It Takes Two’ goes.

Despite all this, I love my wife and never want her to be unhappy because of my passion for gaming.

What do you think? Do you think I am wrong in inspiring her to play games with me? Please let me know in the responses section.

Thanks for reading my story!

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