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Have yourself a Bookish Little Christmas

Photo of St Pancras International Christmas Tree by Author

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Over London, in offices and public spaces, in coffee shops and libraries, Christmas trees are being installed.

Filling the Creative Well

And as part of one of my creative yomps around London, (have notebook, will travel), I visited one of the most interesting at the weekend, the St Pancras Internation Christmas Tree made out of a spiral of handpainted books with cosy seating underneath.

While I was there, it was attracting a considerable amount of attention, with the booths full. Luckily, after hanging around and looking hopeful for a few minutes, a couple took pity on me, and I snagged a seat.

Wendy Spinks, Commercial Director at St. Pancras and HS1 Ltd, said: ”This year’s St. Pancras International Christmas Tree is an ode to the wealth of literature that transports us to exciting and novel worlds. From real-life travel experiences to the fantastical lands of our imagination, we hope that festive visitors feel the magic and are inspired to pick up or gift their loved ones the most timeless gift of all, Books.”

Special Christmas Trees

This marvellous Christmas Tree has been created in connection with the bookshop, Hatchard Books. The St Pancras tree has been a special place for a number of years. In previous years, there’s been a Disney Tree, a Tiffany Tree, a Lancome Tree.

I took out my notepad and wrote for a few minutes.

Working on a new article about creativity (it’s all very meta), then allowed the next person to enjoy the booth.

Connection to Literature

St Pancras station has a connection to literature, being just a stone’s throw away from the magnificent British Library and being saved from destruction by the poet Sir John Bejetman.

Books and celebration.

Books and Christmas.

and ahem . . .

It’s beginning to book a lot like Christmas.

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