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Spiders 4 U at Makebelieve.com : A Very Short Science Fiction Story:

How much will you pay for free delivery?

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This spider drabble is in response to Idea #2 of JF Danskin’s “6 Spooky Writing Prompts.”

When Makebelieve.com first decided to use genetically modified spiders to deliver their packages, people were hesitant. Sure, spiders had been successful as warehouse workers. All those legs! But did we really want truck-sized arthropods roaming our streets, with parcels clustered on their backs?

But with spiralling inflation rates and a rising minimum wage, we needed knock-down prices on all the things, any amount of throw-away, one-use plastic, semi-toxic geegaw with same-day free delivery.

So, bring on the giant spiders.

And embrace the company’s motto: Oh, what a wonderful capitalist web we weave, when first we start to makebelieve.com.

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