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Do Women Prepare Their Sons For The World Like They Prepare Their Daughters?

Many of the issues males have, go back to their mothers.

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Watching a True Crime episode on TV. An ambitious educated young man in college killed his pregnant girlfriend. He had big plans for his future and wasn’t ready to be a father. He asked her to abort the baby and she refused. So, he killed her and their unborn child.

“Why didn’t he protect himself?” Jumped from my thoughts, because that is one of the first things I encourage my children to do, “get a life, before you become responsible for one!”

“Because she told him she was taking birth control,” a male voice nearby answered.

My memory shot back to a male who lived with his girlfriend and got involved with a female I knew personally. I got birth control and gave it to her. They started an affair and she got pregnant too quickly. When I went to tell him that she was pregnant, he scratched his head in shock and said, “But she told me she was taking birth control!”

Whose responsibility is it to protect themselves if they don’t want to become a parent?

Should the male rely on the female?

Should the female rely on the male?

Either way, children should be prepared for scenes like this and it’s the parents’ responsibility to protect their children. Society placed that responsibility on the mother’s shoulders.

Sex has destroyed many lives. Three lives were destroyed, and I wondered, ‘What if a parent had discussed sex and deceptive ways and method some females use to deceive and con men in that area? Three lives might not have been destroyed.’

A mother telling her son that, would be more effective than a father. Some males might think his father was just speaking from a place of pain and regret. A mother, would be telling the truth because she knows females and her self.

I learned more about males while raising, and growing up again with my sons. I gained more understanding of what makes a man too. I began a study and my memory reminds me of the many males over the years and the mistakes they made that could have been avoided had they been prepared for life, love, and sex like their counterparts.

As a child, I was prepped and indoctrinated about how dangerous males were. How sex is all they want, and I must always be aware. We were told that they were like green lizards and would change rapidly. They were described as dogs too. Females were warned about the dangers males come with and why and how we should avoid them. Not much was done for males in that department.

Over the years I have read lots of articles where men profess hatred for their mothers and why.

My sons had a teacher who only had a daughter, but she treated the boys without humanity. Later I learned that she was in an abusive marriage. Two other teachers had sons. They loved boys and were happily married. Two, had daughters only, and didn’t treat the boys right. Two had sons and daughters and they split the difference down the middle.

They attended an all-boys high school, and I met teachers who didn’t like males and didn’t hide it. It was like there was a vendetta against men played out in many schools and classrooms across Jamaica.

I know many females who treat males like animals.

I prepare my sons for the real world, life, love, sex, and females. I don’t con guys, and I have never been used by males. Physically, verbal, emotionally, and psychologically abuse, yes. I left quickly and made sure it was never repeated.

I have no vendetta against males, so I am not afraid to protect my sons from females.

As a female, I am aware of the power females wield. Especially when it comes to sex. I grew up in an era where males, looked like males. Our world was different. Sex has destroyed many lives, and it didn’t have to. Warning your sons about how conniving, scheming, and deceiving females can be, isn’t breaking any vows of sisterhood or disrespecting women. Neither are you revealing any secrets. It’s not about the battle of the sexes when it comes to a mother and her son. Women should prepare their sons for life, living, love, and sex as they did to their daughters.

It’s not about power and who can control what. It’s about saving your son and the females in his life. It’s about preventing your son from destroying his life and others, including yours.

Many of the issues males have, go back to their mothers. I make sure my children don’t see me doing anything wrong, dishonest, cruel, thoughtless, or anything negative that can destroy their lives. I talk to them about sex, while setting positive examples that they can follow. Mothers are the first female in a male’s life. And that comes with lots of influence and life lessons. Prepare your sons for the world like you prepare your daughters. You will be saving their lives.

I want positive, confident, smart, sensible, responsible, wise males who are a product and incentive to their parents, race, country, and world. I have been telling them since they were three months old that I am not going to visit them in jail. Nor am I going to use my retirement savings to pay lawyers to defend them, because they refused to listen. I am not going to get all of what I want, but what I start with, is good enough to guide them along the right path.

I don’t have any problems yet, and if I do, it’s their choice because I gave them a lot to work with.

Mothers, prepare your sons for life, living, love, and sex as you do for your daughters!

If your heart could speak, what would it say?

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