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An Echo, I Am.


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Where do you look for ‘me’? *

Where am I?

Where am I going?

What was that place?

What is this place?

Am I going to, or coming from?

Call me, tell me,

What am I searching for?

Am I seeking you?

Mirror mirror!!!!

Hello, hello!!

Hey, yeh!!

Is that you?

U, u, u….!!

Am I looking for me, myself?

Is that me?

Mee, ee, ee!!!!

*Moko kahan dhoonde re bande

mei to tere paas re (St. Kabir)

Ay man, where are you looking for me, I’m inside you!

Meditation, that Nandkishor Shingne writes about as Dhyanam, a state, reaching, or rather realising (the place, where there is) silence!!

The silence in the sound of Oam!!!

O A M ……. (silence)

Knowing silence. Being that silence!! Where you find Brahman, there you find yourself!!!

Harmony in Hush! — Nandkishor Shingne — Medium

Thanks, Sahil Patel for publishing my poem.

Happy New year to you!

Wishing everyone a very happy new year!!

Let 2024 be a year bringing love, peace, understanding, more acceptance less impatience, and best times with more real connection and less virtual occupation! Happy new year! ❤️

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New Year
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