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Adults Need Playtime, Too.

Yes, even you.

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“What does “play” mean for adults?”

This thought-provoking question is one of Modern Women’s March writing prompts — and oh, is it a good one!

Let me ask my own variation — do you feel like you get adequate “play time”?

I am betting that most adults will answer “no”. Which is really too bad.

With all of the pressure existing in modern life today — combined with the stress of living in a world full of unrest — I think that we probably need “play” now more than ever.

So why does there seem to be such a negative attitude towards “grownups” who prioritize fun, enjoyable activities?

(Especially women?)

To clarify, when I say “play”, I am not necessarily talking about busting out the ol’ Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels cars and going to town like you did when you were seven-years-old. (Although, if you’re up for it, that’s perfectly fine.)

But I am more thinking in terms of activities that bring out your playful side — and make you feel joyful.

Things like:

- joining a recreational team, such as beach volleyball - challenging your partner to a Mario Cart duel (loser buys dinner) - ordering and building that Lego set you’ve been eyeballing (they even make ones labelled 18+!)

Things like that.

Or, perhaps, engaging in what I like to call “playful socialization”.

It might look like:

- Having a drink with friends and laughing about all of the stupid things you used to do


- Showcasing your newfound dance moves in front of your embarrassed teenager

The sky’s the limit!

Photo by Alex Alvarez on Unsplash

So back to my original question — what’s with the negative attitude?

I think it’s simple: we’ve become such a work-oriented and work-driven society that leisure activities can be seen as unproductive. A “waste of time”. “Childish.”

But there is more than a fine line between childish and child-like.

And I think we deserve to reintroduce ourselves to the latter.

After all, as Prince Naveen reminds us in the Disney movie “The Princess and the Frog”…

Life is short, when you’re done, you’re done

We’re on this earth to have some fun!”

So…let’s do it!

Let’s start playing again!

Let’s let ourselves laugh until tears roll down our fogey faces and snot bubbles pop out of our ageing noses.

Let’s “waste” our time.

We’ll be better for it.

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