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A Walk Through A Suburban Neighborhood in Washington, DC

A photo essay

Credit: B.R. Shenoy

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” — Gary Snyder

I recently visited my old hometown in the Washington, DC, suburbs.

Walking through the neighborhood in early autumn brought back memories of how lovely it was.

This older, well-established neighborhood is filled with sidewalks, wide streets, and massive old-growth trees and has character around every corner.

This neighborhood is alive and bustling, making it a happy place.

A walk through the lush greenery gave me a sense of peace and happiness.

Exploring your city’s streets, neighborhoods, and trails is one of the best ways to become acquainted with its nuances.

My walking excursions have allowed me to appreciate the true beauty of where I grew up on a smaller and more intimate scale.

When you live somewhere for a long time, you lose sight of the neighborhood’s beauty. Returning with fresh eyes gives you a newfound appreciation for the location.

You can take in the scenery at your own pace when you’re on foot. You’d be surprised at the difference in viewpoint.

I’ve discovered several small parks and playgrounds for kids that I would not have discovered otherwise.

The neighborhood walk also gave me a better sense of direction. It was great to turn off the GPS and simply wander. I truly believe I now know my childhood neighborhood like the back of my hand.

Enjoy these photos, and let me know your thoughts.

Credit: B.R. Shenoy
Credit: B.R. Shenoy
Credit: B.R. Shenoy
Credit: B.R. Shenoy
Credit: B.R. Shenoy
Credit B.R. Shenoy
Credit: B.R. Shenoy
Credit: B.R. Shenoy
Credit: B.R. Shenoy
Credit: B.R. Shenoy

Do you enjoy walking in your neighborhood? Have you discovered anything new and exciting where you live when walking around?

I was inspired by these beautiful photo essays by JoAnn Ryan, Nella DiCarlo, and Robert Knight.

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