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20+ Incredible Midjourney Prompts to Create Your Professional Mockups

Visual examples, tricks and tips for creating an outstanding mockup for your products

As a designer, mockups are a critical part of the design process. They allow you to showcase your brilliant ideas and interface designs in a realistic context.

With Midjourney V6, creating mockups just got a whole lot easier! Midjourney can generate incredibly detailed and high-quality mockups that will wow your clients.

In this post, I’ll share my best tips and prompts for crafting professional mockups with Midjourney.

Create Professional Mockups with Midjourney V6 Like an Expert

Today, I will show you how to create professional mockups step-by-step with the right prompts and tools.

Start with a basic mockup and we will refine and add in more details with items, settings, and contexts.

  1. Start with the Basic
  2. Spice It Up With Decor Items
  3. Set the Scene with Context
  4. Retouch with Materials
  5. Refine with Style

I will also walk you through creating a professional mockup with your own products at the end.

Let’s get started!

1. Start with the Basic

Let’s start simple — a basic mockup on a plain background. This keeps the focus on your design.

You will want to include the word

  • plain surface
  • clean background
  • < color > background

Smart Phone Mockup — Basic

Prompt: A Mockup of an blank iphone screen sitting on a plain surface

To add a human touch, include a hand holding the device:

Smart Phone Mockup — Basic with a hand holding

Prompt: A Mockup of a blank iphone screen. A hand holding the phone plain background

2. Spice It Up With Decor Items

Let’s take this mockup up a notch and add in some office staples — pencils, pens, a coffee mug, some vases with colorful flowers or some plants to make it look authentic.

Add some office or home items to make the mockup feel more realistic:

  • Books
  • Coffee mug
  • Eyeglasses
  • Magazines
  • Pens
  • Plants
  • Stationaries

Supplement Bottle Mockup — with plants

Prompt: A mockup of a blank supplement bottle sitting on a clean white background with plants behind, minimal setting

This minimal and clean mockup is perfect for showcasing your logo. Here I added a logo created with Midjourney.

Let’s keep going! This time, I want to create some more mockups with different interfaces which is extremely useful for UI designers.

Smartphone Mockup

Prompt: A Mockup of a blank iphone screen sitting on a concrete table, with office stationaries beside it

Computer Mockup

Prompt: A Mockup of a blank computer screen sitting on a wooden table with plants and a coffee mug beside

Tablet Mockup

Prompt: A Mockup of a blank tablet screen sitting on a wooden table in a coffee shop, with a cup of coffee beside , beautiful sunlight

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3. Set the Scene with Context

The setting or context of your mockup is key. Specify if it’s for a home, office, coffee shop, etc.

This provides important context for your audience.

This also varies depending on who your target audience is; a poster seen in someone’s living room, an office building, or even a coffee shop can change how your mock-up is perceived when you present to your client or audience.

Poster Mockup — Living Room

Prompt: A mockup of a blank poster frame sitting on top of a sofa, contemporary style living room

Poster Mockup — Building

Prompt: A mockup of a blank poster frame sitting inside a luxurious hotel lobby, beside the elevator

Poster Mockup — Coffee Shop

Prompt: A mockup of a blank poster on the concrete wall in front of a coffee shop,beautiful sunlight

Depending on the different settings, the style can be much different. To create a more vibrant setting, be sure to add an interior or architectural design style.

Now, let’s go outdoors and create something huge!

Bus Stop Billboard Mockup — New York street

Prompt: Mockup empty, blank billboard at the bus stop, in the middle of New York street

Billboard Mockup — Highway

Prompt: A mockup of a blank billboard in the middle of the highway with cars passing below

4. Refine with Materials

To enhance the realism and professionalism of your mockups, consider incorporating materials such as stone or wood, based on the specific project requirements, whether it involves countertops or background images.

  • Ceramics
  • Concrete
  • Glass
  • Leather
  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Wood

Business Card Mockup — Ceramic Table

Prompt: A mockup of a blank business card sitting on a ceramic table with beautiful lighting and shadow, minimal and clean

Cushion Mockup — Leather Sofa

Prompt: A mockup of a blank cushion sitting on a luxurious bed in a french style bedroom

5. Add Stylistic Touches

Refine your mockup further with descriptive styles to match the branding:

  • Classy
  • Elegant
  • High end
  • Luxurious
  • Minimal
  • Modern
  • Mysterious
  • Vintage

Photo Frame Mockup — Wooden Table & Minimal and Clean Style

Prompt: A mockup of a blank photo frame sitting on a wooden table with plants besides, minimal and clean style

Hand Wash Bottle Mockup — Cream Marble Countertop & high-end and Classy Style

Prompt: A mockup with a blank hand wash bottle on a cream marble countertop in the luxurious bathroom, high end and classy style

Don’t forget to check out my other posts on creating high-end mockup and product photography after this, it will take your mockup to the next level!

6. Mock-Up Stage for Products

Sometimes, you just need a mock-up background to stage your product.

For product shots, create a custom mockup stage. Specify shape, color, and style.

We can also start with a basic with only the color specified.

A Minimal Mock-Up Stage

Prompt: A mockup stage design. A clear circle, minimal mockup stage with the color of pale blue, bright white and warm tan

Adding Decors

A Clear Circle Stage with Plants

Prompt: A mockup stage design. A clear circle, minimal mockup stage designed with plants around, beige and wood color

A Flat Wood Stage

A minimal mockup stage design. A flat wood on a clean light beige background, with some stones, and leaf, a flat front shot, horizontal composition, soft lighting

Adding Settings, Style and Details

Prompt: A minimal mockup stage design with shapes that comes in three different size in a unsymmetrical composition, soft and dreamy depiction, linear illustration, soft peach pantone color

Recreate Designer Style

For a specific designer aesthetic, include their name:

Circle Stage Mockup — Inspired by Van Gogh

Prompt: A mockup stage design. A clear circle, minimal mockup stage designed by Van Gogh, dark cyan and amber color

Festive Theme


Prompt: A minimalist stage design style with vibrant stage back style, with Christmas decorations and Christmas boxes in the background, color of noel red, warm gold, creamy white, C4D modeling

Chinese New Year of Dragon

A mockup stage design. A clear circle with chinese new year theme, decorated with new yeat lattern and dragon, red and gold color — v 6


A mockup stage design. A clear circle with an easter theme, easter elements and decoration, dreamy pastel color palette of baby pink and blue — v 6

Creating stunning mockups with Midjourney is not that difficult, I think you may have noticed that it follows a specific format.

You can always use this basic structure to start.

A [ mockup/mockup stage] design of [ product ], [ decorating items ] [ background or context ], [ 1- 3 descriptive style], [ color palette ]

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