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Zero to Hero: ChatGPT Prompts That Will Put You Ahead Of Your Competition

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Do you hate ChatGPT? Think it’s a load of garbabe? Convinced the AI revolution is a gimmick?

Ready for a burst bubble?

You’re wrong. Why? Well ChatGPT is like most things in life —


You want to write credible articles that drive great engagement? Use proper prompts.

You want to create dazzling emails that convert into leads? Use proper prompts.

You want to piece together a last minute best man’s speech? The groom should get a new friend, but you should also use proper prompts.

Understanding the Heart of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is like a super-smart buddy eager to assist, but it needs clear directions. Imagine telling a cab driver, “Go somewhere fun” versus “Take me to the best jazz club in town.” Specificity is your golden ticket here. 🎫✨

Notice the difference between the two examples below?

Whilst the first story is wonderful and carries a warm message, I actually wanted ChatGPT to write me a story about a businessman so I could teach my start up clients some important life lessons, not a story about a cute cat.

But who’s at fault here?

Common Prompt Pitfalls: The ‘Don’ts’

We’ve all been there — typing away a prompt, only to get a response that’s about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Let’s look at some typical ‘don’ts’:

  1. Vague Wonders: “Tell me something cool about space.” That’s like asking a chef to “make food.” Too vague!
  2. Yes or No Dead-ends: “Is marketing important?” This shuts the door to elaboration. Yawn!
  3. Overloaded Inquiries: Cramming too much into one prompt is like stuffing a suitcase until it bursts. Keep it neat!

Expert Prompt Crafting: The ‘Do’s’

Now for the exciting part — transforming those prompts!

  1. Crystal Clear Clarity: Think, “What specific aspect of space travel excites scientists today?” Precision is key.
  2. Open-Ended Exploration: Instead of yes-no questions, ask, “What are the key elements that make marketing effective in a digital age?”
  3. One at a Time, Please: Break down complex queries. Start with, “Explain the basics of SEO,” then follow up based on the response.

Adding a Personal Touch

ChatGPT isn’t just about facts and data; it can be witty, creative, or even philosophical. If you’re looking for a story, add flavour to your prompt.

“Write a detective story set in 1940s New York, where the detective is a jazz musician by night.” See? Much more fun!

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Iteration: The Path to Perfection

Remember, perfecting your prompts is a game of trial and error. Don’t be afraid to refine and iterate. Each interaction with ChatGPT is a learning opportunity, a step closer to becoming a prompt wizard. 🧙‍♂️

Your Journey to Masterful Prompts

Crafting expert prompts for ChatGPT is an art form that combines clarity, curiosity, and creativity. It’s a skill that grows over time, transforming how you interact with this powerful tool.

So, go ahead, play around with your prompts. Experiment, refine, and watch as ChatGPT unveils its full potential, guided by your expert touch.

Want to learn more?

Eager to master the art of ChatGPT prompts? Just drop a “Send me your guide” in the comments, and I’ll share my comprehensive guide to turning those bad prompts into expert ones.

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