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Your Writing Garden Is Waiting For A Green Thumb

Spend time with some fresh air and warm sun and see what content grows for you

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

The weather is getting warmer. The sun is shining more and the days are getting longer.

How is your writing going?

Wait, what?

These two things seem completely different. How can gardening have anything at all to do with creating content or writing stories?

Well, there are many similarities. After all, many things start from something small and grow into something beautiful.

A writing garden is a place where your content has a home and your ideas are loved and protected. The living stories are nurtured with good soil, fresh water and plenty of sunshine.

What do your ideas need?

  • Encouragement (sunshine)
  • Hard work
  • The right words (good soil)
  • Good mixtures
  • Free from negative thoughts (weeds)
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

How is your garden doing? That’s an important question for you, me and everybody.

Watch out for weeds of doubt and negativity that can destroy the potential of your new stories.

Keep plenty of sunshine and positivity on the ideas you have and keep developing them into stories and content.

Use moderation in the development of your stories. Just like you don’t need too much water or too much sunlight in a real garden, your content needs a balance of different ideas, styles, and creativity.

A writing garden in your mind is something that stays with you all year long. It doesn’t go away when the seasons change.

Think of your stories as little flowers. Give them what they need to flourish and then show them to the world. Every week, keep planting new story seeds that can go over time and blossom into something beautiful.

Your writing garden is waiting for you. Take care of your little story plants, flowers and trees and they will shine bright all year long.

Photo by Pelargoniums for Europe on Unsplash

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