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Your Person Wants to Say This — Tarot Pick a Card

A message from your romantic interest

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Hello, my soul friends! Today I have a psychic tarot reading with a message from your romantic interest. If you’re in a relationship, it’s your significant other. If you’re single, this is your crush or the next person you’ll be in a relationship with.

All you have to do is follow your intuition and pick the pile that sticks out to you the most.

After you select your cards, scroll down to your pile or choose below.

· Pile 1: Giraffe · Pile 2: Whale · Pile 3: Hedgehog · Video

For this reading, I’ve chosen the Lovers Oracle and the True Heart Intuitive Tarot decks (these are affiliate links that support me if you make a purchase). Remember that you have free will. That means you can manifest the positive and avoid the negative of any reading.

Now it’s time to hear what your person wants to say.

Pile 1: Giraffe

Image by Emmarie Hodge

Central Theme

The most important card in your spread is the heart card which has the wisdom message of Only time will tell. Your person notices that there is some potential tension in the relationship and that you might be negatively influenced through stereotypes and preconceived notions.

That’s why they want you to be patient and let your personal experience of the relationship determine your commitment. But this person? They believe your love is worth fighting for.

Eight of Wands

There’s a lot of movement and a fast sequence of events occurring in this relationship. That can be overwhelming and even exhausting. This card, the Eight of Wands, may result in you choosing to react just as quickly.

You’ll make decisions to try things out and make hasty conclusions. For example, a new couple may have one partner demanding an arbitrary deadline for a proposal two weeks into dating. That’s what you want to avoid: exist in the relationship and let its pace determine your deadlines rather than something you brought into the relationship beforehand.

King of Discs

The reason I believe your person is so optimistic about the relationship is the second tarot card, the King of Discs. They’re very invested and willing to put in the time and effort to make it succeed.

But they need a partner when it comes to this approach. They’re going to make sacrifices and hope to see you do the same. At times this may be why you’re so overwhelmed, so you may need to be honest about your limits.


Here we have the Death card which is a terminal stop but also a rebirth. You’re going to reach a point in this relationship when it becomes clear who you are now is not sufficient to continue in this relationship.

You’ll need to change and grow to feel confident in the relationship’s future. Perhaps some of your previous ideals will also be shattered.

Eight of Cups

At some point, you’re going to need to make a decision. This decision will come after you take the time to experience the relationship as is. The Eight of Cups represents leaving your past behind or leaving this relationship behind.

I do believe your person will accept your decision, whichever one it will be, but it needs to be your decision. You’re likely attracted to this person and even like them, but you need to determine yourself if the you that needs to be reborn for this relationship to work is a you that you want to embrace as your identity.

Ace of Cups

Some good news! Whatever you decide, as long as you decide with personal sincerity, your future will be amazing. This card, Ace of Cups, is about a new beginning. Perhaps you’re reborn in the relationship or starting anew as a single person.

You’ll be emotionally fulfilled by either path you take if it’s one you choose with enthusiasm. There’s a lot of love for you in this world — including love for yourself.

Nine of Cups

The final card is one of having almost everything you want and being very satisfied with that. The Nine of Cups can be seen either as a solitary card or as somebody living a high life.

But I think it mostly represents an understanding that you need to make a sacrifice — either in letting go of this person, or of letting go of your past ideals. You’ll recognize you didn’t get every single thing you wanted, but, like wabi-sabi, find beauty in the real imperfections instead of fantasizing over an artificial life you can’t uphold.

You don’t settle. You let yourself be satisfied.

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Pile 2: Whale

Image by Emmarie Hodge

Central Theme

Your first card is the most important and it’s My Beloved: Though we may be physically apart, spiritually we are always united, for love transcends space and time. Nothing is missing. Your person is likely a soulmate or a twin flame and you’re destined to be together.

The Star

You have a lot of celestial cards in your spread and the first is The Star. This is a card of fate and optimism. But it’s also a card of divine intervention.

Something is keeping you and your person apart. This could be physical distance (especially if you haven’t met yet or you’re long distance) or it could be a lack of intimacy. But the universe will not let this stand: it will conspire to bring you together at any cost.

The Sun

Most of your relationship will be quite positive and you’ll build something beautiful. The Sun could indicate pregnancy, adoption, getting a pet, or just really enjoying your time together (if child and pet free).

The reason why such a thing will happen is that your union is important to the universe and it’s meant to create something. If you’re not together, then the manifestation of this card can’t happen. And the universe is going to make it happen.

The Moon

The third celestial card in your spread is The Moon and it indicates that what may cause a lack of intimacy in your relationship will be a secret that’s withheld. This may not be done malevolently by either you or your person, but out of shyness or shame for a past that is unrelated to your current relationship.

You’ll both sense this in each other and imagine the worst, so work towards disclosure. If it’s something you don’t want to go into detail about, alluding to it or giving a general description is fine as the primary point is to encourage honesty.

Ace of Swords

Your person will act decidedly and speak assertively, according to the Ace of Swords. However, this may seem a bit cutting at times. Expect some stumbling. But also honesty and optimism.

This person will always seek to get to the heart of the matter, so realize that they’re likely to be very perceptive. At some point, you won’t even need to say what you want because they’ll already know from being with you so long.

Five of Cups

The greatest lesson you’ll learn in this relationship is that no love is perfect: it’s comprised of a couple made of flaws. That’s why the Five of Cups card indicates an acceptance of loss and moving on.

You’re not going to like everything about your person — and there’s something about you that your person doesn’t like either. But somehow, those annoyances won’t matter. Love transcends imperfections.

I also got an intuitive download just now that some in this pile may have suffered from the death of a child or pet and are struggling to maintain the relationship. This card is saying you’ll still find a way to be a couple through the pain.

Ten of Cups

There is some wonderful news in your final card: Ten of Cups is about domestic bliss. It’s a sign of commitment, owning a house, having children, and all those other wonderful things. But more than that, it’s about being fulfilled with your domestic situation.

So much is going right in this relationship to contribute to a romance that lasts. Make sure to look for the rainbows in your life instead of just the storm clouds. You’re going to have a lot to be grateful for in your future.

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Pile 3: Hedgehog

Image by Emmarie Hodge

Central Theme

I see that your first card has the wisdom message of Deep in your heart, you already know the answer. Do what feels right. Take a moment and meditate on your most intense feelings. For those in a relationship, what grieves you the most? For those who are single, what is it you hope for?

This is key because your feelings need to be used to create context for the rest of the cards. Honor your feelings.


This is the Beauty and the Beast card. Strength is about strength of character, and in your spread, it’s about your individual power within the relationship.

There’s an “I can fix them!” energy in your spread, and while I primarily see you seeing your partner as a project, I also believe your person believes the same (even if it’s not true). This means that you’re both trying to change each other to be the vision you have for them.

Five of Swords

Ultimately, this is going to cause conflict. Now I don’t see a particular conflict in your spread other than the fix-it situation, but rather a tendency for what conflicts will unravel and determining if you can handle that. The next card, Five of Swords, suggests you and your person will argue and try to win arguments.

Never do that in a relationship. The goal is either to reconcile, or resentment will build and lead to a toxic situation.


The solution to this will be found in the Temperance card. This is about being moderate and averaging your approach. You need to learn how to compromise. On one hand, you’re a union, but on the other, you’re a union of individuals. And each individual needs to be respected as an individual.

This won’t be easy, but it will be necessary, for you to truly bring out your strength of character.

King of Swords

I sense that your person is going to have a love language you don’t know how to navigate or they won’t know how to navigate yours. The King of Swords suggests this person may appear cold and not concerned with your feelings. That’s not the case — they just need to learn how to show affection instead of just trying to fix things.

Take the love languages quiz and make it a point for both of you to use these languages to reinforce the affection you have for each other.

Three of Cups

This is a generally good card and suggests fun and celebration, but the Three of Cups can also indicate cheating. I don’t currently see cheating taking place, but I can see how it would happen.

When couples argue without reconciliation, affection dies. When somebody in one of the individual’s environment is nice to them, they’ll start looking for romantic companionship from that person.

Never go to bed angry, and if you do, make it a point to kiss or hug. You both need to be the source of romantic affection for each other, not someone else.

Two of Wands

While this spread may seem negative, what I’m really seeing is your person wanting to prevent problems before they happen or get worse. The Two of Wands is about planning and passion. You can plan for your relationship to succeed and you can make an agreement for how to show and experience passion together.

Relationships don’t succeed by accident. It takes a lot of hard work — and I think you both can do it.

Did your reading resonate? Let me know! And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to receive e-mails when new tarot pick a cards are published. If you really liked your reading, you can also tip me on Ko-fi.


Did your reading resonate? Let me know! And don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to receive e-mails when new tarot pick a cards are published. If you really liked your reading, you can also tip me on Ko-fi.

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