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You Gotta Be a Bit Jealous

As long as you don’t cross the line

WHAT CAN I SAY? I’M A PASSIONATE MAN. || Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This might surprise a lot of people who know me in real life because I’m quite permissive and easygoing, but jealous AF in a romantic relationship.

Can’t say I’m an expert in relationships, but from my point of view, if you’re not a bit jealous, it means you don’t really love your partner that much. It’s not about not trusting them or being controlling or abusive. It’s all about passion.

When I love a woman, I can’t help myself. I’m super jealous and petty towards other men.

If I see my girl talking with other men in a social situation, sometimes I find an excuse to go there and mark my territory.

For example, “Baby, can you hold my keys for me? These pants don’t have the best pockets, and I don’t want to lose them.”

Kiss, body bump, or bum slap/tap, followed by a “Thank you. Sorry to interrupt your conversation. Carry on.”

Then I’m out of there.

Or, let’s say, I meet another couple while my girl is engaged in a conversation with some other people. I shake hands with the couple and tell the guy something cheeky, like, “Nice saber-tooth tiger you got over there, bro. You should see mine. Baby, come here for a bit!”

Then she comes; maybe she shakes hands with them, but she stands next to me during the social engagement. Obviously, the others will mention the saber-tooth part, because it is not something you hear every day.

My girl would smile and maybe roll her eyes at me, despite being used to my silly nicknames. That’s when I stretch my hand, grope her butt really quick, then put my hand around her waist like nothing happened.

That’s the type of man I am.

Depends on the setting, though. If we’re with people our own age in a formal setting, I might do this. If older people or our families are present, and if we’re in a less formal situation, then… I’ll still do it.

But not out of jealousy, just out of habit, hehe. Only that, I’m more subtle about it. I’ll silently grope my girl’s butt or wrap my hand around her and touch bodies whenever I get the chance.

I’m a jealous lover, but not everything is motivated by jealousy. I’m a passionate man. I like to cuddle. I’m bumpy and grabby. Touch is my love language. And I love teasing and using silly nicknames.

I think I’m the right amount of jealous. I don’t tend to be violent in general, even less so with the people I love. My jealousy is usually displayed through affection, flirty body language, and kinkiness in the bedroom.

I also find a controlling attitude quite a lot to handle. I don’t like to micromanage other people. I have some loose rules and several boundaries, but that’s about it.

However, I’m quite stubborn with things that I find a no-go, so she has to tread carefully or it will cost her our relationship.

The way I see it, jealousy only becomes toxic or controlling when it makes your partner feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

Same with possessiveness, I think. As a person who grew up in a healthy family with parents who love each other and built everything together, I’m quite used to the family hive mentality.

I see no problem being claimed, even more so if the relationship is serious and long. So to say that my girl is possessive sounds quite unnatural to me. Like, I’m her man; I want to be subjugated. Yes, please! :D

If there’s trust and love involved, then one-person privacy and decision-making kind of go out of the window. I mean, you support your partner, you trust their decisions, and you give them operational freedom, but they have to run important ones by you and care about your opinion. It seems only logical.

My parents always had the same password on their phone. I find that so cute. If my future wife candidate has a problem with that, I’ll never marry.

I always wished for siblings, but my parents had other plans. As per platonic relationships (cousins and friends), I’m not the jealous type. I even tend to be overprotective of my people, and I love to share. Sharing is caring.

I can barely eat something without my parents dipping their spoons in my bowl anyway. It’s a bit annoying, though, but I let it go since it makes me feel like I have siblings.

Were my girl to go for my food, I’ll let her too. She’ll know I will make her “pay” later if she makes me go to bed hungry, hehe. But let’s move on from the kinky stuff and get back to the platonic things.

When we were kids, one of my cousins used to eat his full share of sweets and then come to me with puppy eyes, watching me while I ate mine. Sneaky little bugger. I knew he did it on purpose, but I did not have the heart to let him watch me eat alone, so I shared my stash.

However, I can’t stand being taken for granted and not being appreciated. That makes me cold every time, no matter the nature of our relationship.

So I will expect everyone I take good care of to look up to me or reciprocate the feelings in their own way.

This is my answer to prompt #1 by Ruby Noir:

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