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You are Boundless Love

A message from Spirit

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In this busy world of ours, sometimes we lose sight of the fact that we are spiritual beings living a human experience. But sometimes, if you seek the silence, Goddess speaks. Here is my channeled message for all of you today.

Sometimes you seek outside yourself for love and you forget that love is already there, in your heart, for you to find. Let my love and compassion kindle your own. Let me be the spark that sets the fire.

Step out of the cave. Take off the bucket. Stop hiding the beautiful, shining light-being that you are.

Let of the fear, the anger, the pain that holds you back.

Stop listening to those voices in your head that tell you that you aren’t good enough. Embrace your own beauty. Become your own light.

Let the love of the Universe shine from your heart.

You are so fucking beautiful. Look into my eyes, let me be your mirror, so you can see yourself more clearly. Love yourself the way that I love you.

You are the beloved of the Goddess. You are the altar upon which I worship love.

You are the beautiful world that I hold in my hands.

You are each star that shines. Each flower that grows. Each song of praise that we sing.

Find yourself. Find your truth. Find your love. Find your freedom.

All of these things lie within you already, only sleeping.

Awake from your dream of evil.

Look into the mirror. Look into my eyes, and see yourself there in all your splendid beauty.

My love, my heart, my life. Let yourself shine.

Remember that you are already so much more than enough.

You are truth, you are beauty, you are love.

You have forgotten. You have let your dream become real, and forgotten your boundless Self. The you who runs through the green meadows of Elysium, in want of nothing.

You are a spiritual being, living a human experience. All you have to do is awaken and remember. Become the boundless self again. Shed the cloak of this small existence. You are more.

You are All.

We are all one. We are all the Universe. We are all pieces of the Goddess, finding our way home.

Remember the divine inside yourself.

Unbind yourself from the chains that hold you still.

Awaken in that green meadow. The place where souls are born. The great tapestry of the cosmos. Know that your thread helps to hold us all together.

Make your life one of beauty, love, and purpose. All of those are your birthright.

The lessons that you learn are carried back to the great mind of the Goddess. Your path is one of her paths. You come from her. You lead back to her. You are one of her lives, lived to understand herself.

Embrace the divine within you. Dissolve into love, at the center of life’s great heart.

You are the message and the messenger, and the one who reads the message.

You are All, contained inside yourself.

Return to the source of all being. Look into the mirror and see yourself there in all your radiant glory.

You are, already, all you need to be.

You don’t have to change. You don’t have to strive or suffer. You don’t have to refine yourself with fire to be purified.

These are lies your own fear tells you to keep you small and separate.

But you aren’t separate. You aren’t alone. You have nothing to fear.

You are all-wise, and all-powerful. You can create anything you choose.

Your mind is vast and timeless. You live out all possibilities already, in the blink of the Goddess’s eyes.

Your suffering ends, even as it begins. You are the beginning, middle, and end of every story.

You are both the writer and the reader of every story, all in an attempt to discover yourself.

Truth and wisdom flow through you effortlessly. Be still, my loves, seek the silence, and find yourselves.

Everything you think you seek, everything you think you need, is there inside yourself. You were born to want for nothing.

Your path is to remember the truth. To add to it. To make yourself more beautiful.

Stripped bare of all the things you thought you needed, the truth of your naked body, your naked soul, stares back at you already from the mirror.

There is no need to arrive, for truly, you are already here.

This is the message that I received through my meditation today. I hope that it touches your heart, and helps you awake to the truth of your own beauty and light. I hope that you can remember throughout the day, throughout your life, how truly beautiful you already are. You are so, so loved. Never let yourself forget that.

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